Joe Biden made a major promise that left Democrats shaking their heads in disgust

Joe Biden was always a gaffe machine.

But it’s gotten worse as his cognitive impairment accelerates.

And now Joe Biden made a major promise that left Democrats shaking their heads in disgust.

In 1994, during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, Democrats rammed an assault weapons ban through Congress.

That same year Republicans captured the Senate and won control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 1948.

In 2013, Barack Obama pushed Congress to muscle an assault weapons ban into law.

Even though the bill failed, voters still punished Democrats for trying to ban firearms, as Republicans won nine Senate seats and grew their majority in the House of Representatives.

And with less than one month to go before the Midterm elections, Joe Biden once again planted the Democrat Party flag in the hill of banning commonly-owned firearms held by the American people.

In a friendly chat with CNN’s Jake Tapper – where he tossed Biden softball after softball – without being prompted the President volunteered that Democrats would ban assault weapons if they maintained their majorities.

Republicans currently hold 50 seats in the Senate and can filibuster any assault weapons ban.

But Democrats are promising that if they pick up two Senate seats, they will have the votes to trigger the nuclear option and eliminate the 60-vote threshold to end debate on legislation.

That would allow Democrats to pass gun grabs with a simple majority vote.

Pushing gun control has never been an electoral winner for Democrats.

And Joe Biden guaranteeing that Democrats will ban assault weapons if they expand their Senate majority will have swing voters in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – the two seats currently held by GOP Senators that Democrats need to win to make good on Biden’s boast – thinking twice about voting for the Democrat candidates.

Making the election a referendum on Joe Biden and the Democrat Party is a sure-fire losing strategy.

But Joe Biden forced the election on to that turf with his boast that an empowered Democrat majority will attack the Second Amendment.

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