Joe Biden made an insane claim about taxes that will leave you speechless

Joe Biden is begging Democrats to ram a $3.5 trillion-dollar spending bill through congress.

Right now that effort is stalled.

And Joe Biden made an insane claim about taxes that will leave you speechless.

Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill – which will create a cradle to grave socialist welfare state – will include the largest tax increase in American history.

Despite this bill containing trillions of dollars in new taxes Joe Biden falsely claimed his bill will not cost the American people one penny.

No one could believe Biden would make such a claim.

Even with the massive tax increases Biden and the Democrats are proposing, the bill would impose a tremendous cost on the American through inflation.

Right now, prices are increasing at a rate that outstrips any raises in American’s paychecks.

Inflation is a tax increase that impacts every American.

The secretive Federal Reserve printing $3.5 trillion in new deficit spending will add to the inflationary pressures on the economy.

It’s false for Joe Biden to claim his spending bill will not cost the American people.

This baseless claim also led many Americans to question the media.

For four years so-called “fact checkers” parsed every word spoken by Donald Trump to cast him as a liar.

But these same “fact checkers” are nowhere to be found when Joe Biden tells a falsehood.

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