Joe Biden made a jaw dropping prediction about the future of the New World Order

The people revolted against the establishment in 2016.


  1. So….this is why the liberals are so hopped up about Russia. They feel like Putin is stopping their plans for the “new world order “. I don’t like or trust him, but if he is stopping the “nwo” in any way, and that is all he is doing,then?????? The “nwo” is the worst possible thing for America.

  2. Felipe, hemos colgado en nuestro FB y Twitter un enlace a esta página, ya que creemos que el trabajo que haces de divulgación de la analítica web bien se lo vale. Entiendo que haces un resumen del libro de Avinash, pero mientras el no hable español, creo que tus palabras serán escuchadas con mucha atención por los neófitos (y prelosionafes) del sector.Gracias por compartir este documento gráfico con todos.

  3. Thank you “joe hoof in mouth” to say the damned things. “At a time of ‘uncertainty’ WE MUST DOUBLE DOWN on the values that made Western democracies great, and NOT ALLOW THE ‘LIBERAL WORLD ORDER’ TO BE TORN APART BY DESTRUCTIVE FORCES.” That last part is telling; very, very telling. Again, thank you “joe”! Now go crawl back under your rock you godless, commie troll.

  4. First we must define terms…
    Progress – Move towards limiting individual freedoms and towards communism
    Go backward – Restore individual freedoms
    Progressive – Communism
    Globalism – Power in the hands of a few rich elite like George Soros and friends

  5. Yep…’s revolution time!!! Time to take our country back! The good ole USA….the way it was…..not the way the left wants it…..nope! We’ll keep it our way…..AT ALL COSTS….THE REAL AMERICAN WAY!

  6. Get them out of our way, so we can bring America back to great
    ness. We want someone who will get the lairs , and the corrupt people out of office McCain, Shummer, These guys are it for themselves, not the America people. Tell them to tell the truth.

  7. Come out and give the story rather than making a viewer click, click click endlessly.
    Remove me from your e-mails.

  8. Crazy Uncle Joe also believed that the “cattle guards” should be retrained for another occupation. He feels it’s ok for his one son to be “dating” his dead sons widow even though he is still married. I wonder which bathroom Joe uses? The only reason Obama chose Biden to run with him is they needed someone who would not be smart enough to realize what was going on.

  9. Sadly, Buck, Biden isn’t alone. The radical-leftist horde is contagion like. Indeed, he and others are hellbent on the undermining, absolute destruction of this Constitutional Republic. It is time for all of us not bamboozled by the leftists’ Marxist cattle call to remain vigilante. They want to lead us to the leftist abattoir without a bleat from the duped sheeple. An idiot, moron pretty much sums up Biden and those bowing to the once aspirant Sun King, Obama. Though, in saying this, Obama I am certain is leading the charge of the parasitical radical-left movement.

  10. Joe and the rest of these POS need to be taken down anyway possible…They are a threat to mankind and we will not stand for that…..Globalism is on it’s way out…..

  11. Joe and the rest of his dope addicts are trying to tell us how to run our lives; what to drive, what to eat, what to wear, when to breath, when to sleep, when to wake up, where to work, how many hours to work, how much to earn an hour, who to wed, when to wed, how often to wed, and on and on and on and on. Believe it or not there are people in this world who want this. They have to be told these things because they are “cup cakes” and have to have a “Nany State” hovering over them.

  12. Joe Bidden and Obama are two peas in the same pod. This so called world order is the worst thing that could happen to any free nation, Just remember on thing. No borders no Nations, no elections,no freedom, no citizenship,no freedom of speech. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. This world order idea would be run by a bunch of administrators from who the hell knows were.

  13. Joe Biden’s prediction of the destruction of the liberal world order won’t come about because of Putin or “fake news.” Oh, he’s right about that – it will come because people see and know the truth of the destructive force of the world order such as the EU.

  14. I agree with the causes and conclusions of the article but support as articulated by Mr. Anderson will alienate most reasonable people on either side of the issue. Shouting, name calling, and the like do not add to the conversation and say more about you than the veracity of your thoughts. How you say it is as important as what you are saying. If this is your best shot my recommendation is that you leave the debates to others.

  15. Joe Biden is a TRAITOR to AMERICA wishes to destroy our CONSTITUTION and the true American way of life as it was meant to be. And who is this FREAKING MORON calling him Vice President? Talk about a Liberal with his head stuck up his ASS. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT LIVE IN THE PAST WE LIVE NOW AND TOWARDS THE BETTER FUTURE OF AMERICA.

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