Joe Biden made one admission that proved his health scandal is even worse than anyone thought

Democrat Party elites are scrambling in to damage control mode.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is now their party frontrunner, but top Democrats are rushing to contain the fallout from one giant problem.

And things just got worse when Joe Biden made this admission that proved his health scandal is even worse than anyone thought.

Democrats are scheduled to have a debate this Sunday before crucial primaries in Florida and Arizona.

This debate is the first contest that will feature only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Fake news CNN, the Democrat National Committee, and the Biden campaign all colluded to change the format to allow for the both candidates to remain seated during the debate.

POLITICO reported, “The format for the next debate in Arizona — their first since Biden’s blowout Super Tuesday victories — would have the candidates seated for the first time this election cycle and take multiple questions from the audience. In the prior 10 debates, the candidates stood at lecterns and nearly all questions were asked by the professional moderators.”

The 77-year-old Biden’s increasing senility is now a major campaign issue.

Democrat Party and media elites rigging the debate format to allow Biden to remain seated will allow him to preserve his energy and – they hope – allow Biden to expend all his strength to focus on remembering where he is, who he is debating, and what he is talking about.

Sanders’ senior advisor Jeff Weaver ripped Biden and the DNC for coddling the former Vice President.

“Why does Joe Biden not want to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. Sanders on the debate stage March 15 and have an opportunity to defend his record and articulate his vision for the future?” Weaver wondered.

The March 15 debate is the last chance for Sanders to alter the trajectory of the race.

Democrat Party big wigs and the Biden campaign know if the American people see Biden for the frail, declining 77-year-old that he is, voters will dismiss Biden as a serious candidate.

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