Joe Biden made one admission that proved his health scandal is even worse than anyone thought

Democrat Party elites are scrambling in to damage control mode.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is now their party frontrunner, but top Democrats are rushing to contain the fallout from one giant problem.

And things just got worse when Joe Biden made this admission that proved his health scandal is even worse than anyone thought.

Democrats are scheduled to have a debate this Sunday before crucial primaries in Florida and Arizona.

This debate is the first contest that will feature only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Fake news CNN, the Democrat National Committee, and the Biden campaign all colluded to change the format to allow for the both candidates to remain seated during the debate.

POLITICO reported, “The format for the next debate in Arizona — their first since Biden’s blowout Super Tuesday victories — would have the candidates seated for the first time this election cycle and take multiple questions from the audience. In the prior 10 debates, the candidates stood at lecterns and nearly all questions were asked by the professional moderators.”

The 77-year-old Biden’s increasing senility is now a major campaign issue.

Democrat Party and media elites rigging the debate format to allow Biden to remain seated will allow him to preserve his energy and – they hope – allow Biden to expend all his strength to focus on remembering where he is, who he is debating, and what he is talking about.

Sanders’ senior advisor Jeff Weaver ripped Biden and the DNC for coddling the former Vice President.

“Why does Joe Biden not want to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. Sanders on the debate stage March 15 and have an opportunity to defend his record and articulate his vision for the future?” Weaver wondered.

The March 15 debate is the last chance for Sanders to alter the trajectory of the race.

Democrat Party big wigs and the Biden campaign know if the American people see Biden for the frail, declining 77-year-old that he is, voters will dismiss Biden as a serious candidate.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. If biden should win the election (God forbid) you know darn well, pbama would be behind biden calling the shots and I don’t think you would want this to happen.

  2. YOU ( Scott 27 )should read how many comments are against you in this blog , lol . The Stupidity of your comments represents the same % of supporters against these insane momentos as the thousands of Trump followers at his huge Rallies as opposed to the few hundred that Biden or Bernie try to muster . That is the joke on you and democrats everywhere . It WILL NEVER CHANGE , Bolshevik .

  3. They are cheating and stealing everything they can! It is a MUST that they win and get their power back. It is NOT Biden they want in, it’s the dem-0-rats that have to get in. Biden only wins the name and Hillary as VP she will actually be the President that she wants to be without the campaigning, she says. This is the way to make her president and all their money schemes will be put back in place. Don’t think for one minute, that once they get the votes, they forget how they got there and back to themselves.

  4. Democrats aren’t worried about Biden’s senility because they have everything rigged.
    Democrats will beat Trump with massive voter fraud, so it doesn’t matter how bad Biden screws up on stage or makes a fool of himself. The fix is in, and Pelosi knows about it.

  5. Scott, it is you who needs to get a grip on reality. You have no clue of the truth. You make a fool of yourself every time you come here. Take your sick hate and lies somewhere else. God forbids them and God will be your final judge

  6. Joe’s family putting him through this WH running is beyond INsane! Its like he’s trying to fulfill his late son Beau’s wish.

  7. Scott27 is not smart enough to have a coherent opinion on who would make a better president. He’s already talking about cartoon characters.
    Scott27 thought the Hatch Act was in the constitution and Trump was violating it.
    That would be two things that Scott got wrong at the same time.
    If it weren’t for the less intelligent people in this country, like Scott, democrats would never win an election.

  8. I feel sorry for biden… if he were my husband I would keep him out of the limelight and get him some serious help…..
    It is horrifying to watch him mess up constantly……..

  9. I love how scott says that biden is smarter than another flat out leftist fantasy.joe biden would leave the house with no pants on if someone wasn’t holding his hand..biden smarter than trump?scott you are a real pissa

  10. The DNC has picked Biden. It is over & done with. They would do Milwaukee a favor by calling off the convention. The media will protect Biden anyway it has to. Bernie’s supporters tearing up Milwaukee is not going to change anything.

    The real problem with the next election is illegal voting. It was bad in 2018. It will likely be a tsunami in 2020, flip the Senate, increase the Democrat majority in the House, & make Trump powerless even if he is elected.

    There is no point in having a Republican convention in Charlotte. Biden & Bernie supporters will just trash Charlotte even though it is a liberal/leftist, sanctuary city in a sanctuary county.

    The only difference in Biden & Bernie is how fast The Great American Experiment will end..

  11. If you watch that video of Biden talking about the gun violence, there is a string of words that don’t seem to make any sense. Like a string of disconnected words.
    I think it’s actually mean of the Democrats to support him – and I was reading about CNN how they are owned by a wealthy corporation, Time Warner.
    Time-Warner also has operations in China.
    They gave Hillary a lot of money.
    So they aren’t going to blame the Chinese – Trump is easier to blame.

  12. So, Mr. Biden is 77 yrs old.
    Bernie is older than Biden but looks at least 10 yrs older. To top that, Bernie has already had a significant
    Heart event since the campaign began. Either one of these 2 men could expire before the election.
    Not good for dems. If Hilary were to run, again, and lose, again, she just might blow her brains out, such as they are.

  13. Is it the incognito Snott 07 reading bible scripture & telling us we’re all going to hell or the one that’s Maxine Waters grandson???

  14. You have to wonder why the Democrats want Biden and are screwing Bernie again. Maybe they see a path through the VP position. If Biden became President and was later declared unfit for office the VP would become Commander in Chief. I wonder who he would choose? Hillary? Barack? Schiff? Mrs.O? or some other Swamper who needs to cover their tracks from the past. All IMO

  15. Scott27 You are a waste of 104 one night stands, because you are telling me how smart you think you are only to prove you are mentally licking. You want to give a corrupt VP the key to your life and tax dollar. Well if you are one of those that depend on the government aid then it will effect your welfare check.

  16. Scott27 you need to pull your head out of your (_!_). Because Biden is known to be corrupt as A VP and the Dumicraps are so mentally lacking they are wanting to give him the key to the White House. YOU GET A GRIP and pull.

  17. Dan T… I could give you 104 reasons why Elmer Fudd would be better, but you’re really not smart enough to understand a single one, so why waste my time. Have a great evening.

  18. If I was Bernie, I’d bring in a podium and stand for the debate while Joe sits to save his strength. That ought to get him a few cookie points. And by the way – TRUMP 2020 KEEPING AMERICA GREAT

  19. But the problem is Biden is a frail, declining 77-year-old. And no chair is going to change that.

  20. THIS is where we are at?! They hate Trump so bad they would put up a senile old child and woman groper who sniffs childrens’ hair like he stood any chance against the incumbent who has been the first U.S. President in over a hundred years to KEEP 99% of his campaign promises?! Everyone I know say they are voting for Trump and even Democrats are afraid of both Biden (for being senile) and Bernie (Communist POS). How can the Dems even keep a straight face while offering up Biden as anything but a demented old idiot who belongs in a nursing home?! And Dems endorsing a Bolshevik as an alternative to a mental pedestrian is some how acceptable?! This is why I have never voted for a Democrat and I NEVER WILL!

  21. Scott27 says Trump cheats at golf, gee Scott did you get to play a round of golf with him to know this. He most likely beat you and your the crying baby.

  22. At the current rate his mind is going away Old Joe won’t make it to November outside of a Specialized Senior Care Facility.
    The Demoncrats [3sr. 2012] will be lucky if Old Joe makes it to their National Convention, much less through the nomination process.
    Veritas Vincit

  23. The WELFARE of our Nation as a whole must be greater then our personl relatiomships! God, Country, Family, Friends! The healthfulness of eaach of HER SERVANT is IMPORTANT! If a person is not healthy enough to carry on a Sensible conversation, how could that person be able to run the AFFAIR of our Great Nation? Which is a 7/24 focused LIFE with the Mind, the Body and Soul in full Capacity! If the MIND is not in FULL FACULTY, the Body will not be able to function! Our SENSE for the Betterment of our beloved Country must be Greater than our friendship who is also one LIMITED HUMAN BEING as we all are! Never to place anyone above whose abilities! It is our DUTY to FULLY and TRUTHFULLY caring for our NATION without any UNTRUTH SELFISH hidden AGENDAS! Be it Partism or NON Partism! Our Coumtry as a whole must be Frist, under GOD! If one is had no god, let it hwose Conscience to do the Right thing with the Right REASON for that TRUTH how to serve MY COUNTRY BETTER for the sake of Building our Nation to be the BEST She can be, all are for the greater good of HER FUTURE! Our off -springs will be alwasy be in need of HER PROVIDERSHIP with HER MOTHERLY LOVE and HIS FATHERLY CARE! This is our COUNTRY!

  24. Snott27 you’re back!!!! Like we missed your stupidity. Ok. Your turn. Tell us how joe the retard or Bernie the communist would be better than Trump. No? That’s what I thought.

  25. Sue, I would elect Elmer Fudd or Bugs Bunny over the child brat we now have. Biden could have lost 80 percent of his mental capacity and still smarter and be head and shoulders above what we now have.

  26. Wyatt…. trump.. who wouldn’t have time to golf… has already spent 40 percent of his time at his own golf resorts (and you and I get the bill) and in three years has far surpassed the golf played by Obama and at a much greater cost. What, have you been living in a cave. Not to mention he cheats like the conman he is. Sheesh. Get a grip on reality.

  27. Hey Julio I remember Obama claim he need to work on his golf game! He said he would be happy if he could get as good as Tiger Woods! So he played golf 25 day’s in the month!

  28. If Biden is so senile what about Sanders. I mean since he thinks he can resurrect dinosaurs. Isn’t that a case for senility too?

  29. Who in their right mind would elect this man, who can’t remember where he is or what he’s running for, to be the leader of the free world???

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