Joe Biden made one comment about the new world order that will leave you speechless

Joe Biden essentially locked up the 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination with victories in at least four primaries on Tuesday night.

But even in victory Biden sowed the seeds of his eventual defeat.

And that’s because Joe Biden made one comment about the new world order that will leave you speechless.

Democrats, Never-Trumpers, and Washington, D.C. swamp creatures of all stripes fume about Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy and his rejection of the globalist agenda.

In his victory speech on Tuesday night, Biden promised that if elected he would have America working as a part of the new world order the globalists so desperately desire.

Biden stated:

My fellow Americans, we have to once again lead the world. Donald Trump’s “America First” policies made America alone. You know, in the fight against climate change, we have to rally the rest of the world to act, and act now. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on Day One. Make it clear to our allies that we’ll honor our commitments, that our word can be trusted.

And make clear to our adversaries that we will stand fast in restoring world order. That’s the American responsibility.

Biden’s call for globalism means open borders, shipping jobs to China and Mexico through lopsided trade deals, and job killing agreements to combat the global warming hoax.

This agenda all benefits the ruling class and citizens in foreign countries.

None of this passes along any advantage to the American people.

Very rarely do Presidential candidates admit they work on behalf of forces that come into direct conflict with those of the American people.

But Joe Biden just did.

And it could cost Democrats the election.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Last night (Sunday March 15) Bid promised his VP would be a woman. Here comes Hillary.
    Sanders said his would be either a Black, Latino, Asian or a woman. I guess the most qualified person doesn’t necessarily get the job. Sanders has discovered that pandering works.

  2. Biden is just a front covering up the DNC working and planning behind the scenes. Joe and Bernie are NEVER going to be the Demoncratic presidential candidate. I don’t know if even Hitlery is liked enough OR is well enough to be named. A lot can happen before July. I am sure there is a “plan” of some sort. It will be crooked, corrupt, illegal, underhanded and anti-American to be sure. The Demons CANNOT loose another rigged election. Their heads will explode. It will be a site to behold and highly entertaining. I believe, conservatives and sane Americans will win and still be led by President Trump at the end of the day as long as the “right” gets out in droves and votes. I think this country as come to a turning point that has complacent conservative Americans awake. They are seeing the evil and failed policy’s of the DNC and the left wing socilaists and commie’s by seeing the results in states and cities run by this ilk. You can fool some of the people some of the time BUT you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Get out and vote like your life depends upon it, because it does!!

  3. If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck…if you love your country, you can keep your country.

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  4. If Biden chose Hillary as the VO, he would commit suicide after 3 weeks. Obama has not endorsed Biden because he is saving that for michelle. DNC convention can’t be won by biden or Sanders.

  5. He is a total moron, and has never got anything of any significance done in his years of being in public office. Now he want’s to roll back all the successes that President Trump has accomplished. What a freaking fool.

  6. Old joe is going to pick Hillary Clinton for vice president just wait and see if I’m not right then he will be took out as president because he got delimera or Baltimore disease that put Hillary in as president like she wanted so all conservatives better get out and vote if they dont want crazy hillary as president

  7. I, for one, do not want to have my life ruled by a group of people
    in a foreign country. That is what the EU wants. That is what George
    Soros is so fervently working toward, that is what the elitist are
    working toward. The American people mean nothing to them except the
    source of producing money for their coffers. This is not our founding
    fathers wanted and this is not what the American people who have good
    sense want for themselves and their families. Biden is a fool and a
    puppet for those rich who think they will be members of the ruling class
    of the world. This is not the life independent and free people want.

  8. As long as his family keeps propping him up, (elder abuse) and the darn dumb dem bullies have a say….biden will keep shooting himself in the foot…which always seems to be in his mouth….. and that will be the end of his bid…….

  9. Biden is a Globalist! Biden and Demorats can take thier New World Order and love for China and shove it!

  10. It Appears that Obama knows something about Joe Biden that no one else knows? He knows Joe Biden is NOT MENTALLY CAPABLE of being President Of The USA. WHY? Has He NOT ENDORSED BIDEN? … And the fact he ALWAYS “LET’S THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG” …lol HE ENDORSES “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” … WELL, NOW YOU KNOW FOR SURE that Biden Endorses The NWO. We cannot Vote for this guy. Right.

  11. Of course he does not care about the rest of the country….as long as he and his family, his cohorts, his friends and colleagues are all living in the lap of luxury at our expense. He has to be investigated for his actions and given a fair trial.

  12. Nothing that Joe Biden said should leave anyone speechless. However, the fact that Trump cut out the White House doctor in charge of preparing for epidemics in 2018, should make everyone mad as hell.

  13. Sooner or later the world will find out Nancy pellosi had the virus invented. She holds the cure. Put her and joe Biden in a room with a hundred people who have it and she’ll never get sick.


  15. Joe the retard would need someone to do his thinking and talking. But the commiecrats and their supporters are as stupid as he is. Right Julio? Right snott27? Right justice for Trump?

  16. New World Order with Obama at the Helm!!! He is like the guy behind the curtain in the ‘Wizard of Oz’, Pulling the strings of his little puppets!!!

  17. Biden’s vice president running mate is going to be who [ ? ? ?]….. It would not surprise me if there is some kind of a plan there. President Trump has the silent majority behind him.

  18. Julio can’t help it, bless his little heart. This mother never taught him anything that will exactly help him in life and his father was killed trying to perform a sex act with an goat in a Mexican carnival…

  19. Commie Rat Bastard will not be PRESIDENT EVER!!!TRUMP 2020!! AMERICA FIRST!!!

  20. Pretty much right, you the see the Demorats don’t talk about Libya. We had Muammar Gaddafi under control since the Reagan days, Chim and Killery supplied weapons to other rogue militants to start a Civil War, kill Gaddafi and start the biggest open slave trade market since 1800. Not to mention Russia mercenaries all over the country…Perfect Clinton…

  21. A conservative site I assume but a troll and puppet for the evil left is making dumb comments because he is uneducated, along with a name that says it all. No reason why, no explanation just a stuipd comment, Julio, tulio the dulio.

  22. Those who continue to vote democrat, refuse to see what a devistating policy they have have for American workers. NAFTA proved the democrats could care less about American jobs!

  23. Good comments you all. The only bad comment is Julio he needs a life if he can’t say and anything other than Trump deserves impeachment or he is a moron he just needs to keep his comments to his self.

  24. Climate change is about wealth redistribution. America has a lot of money and resources and these foreign governments want a piece of it.
    Democrat communists don’t want to just spread your wealth around to other people in our country but spread your wealth around the world.
    The communists won’t stop until the whole world is communist and under their control.

  25. Poor guy. It’s like elder abuse to keep him out there. He has no idea where he is or what he’s saying. It’s a darn shame that these are the best the Dems have to offer for President. Thank God we have Trump.

  26. Just to think that Biden is the best the Dumbocrats can offer to be the President should tell everybody with half a brain that something is seriosly wrong with that picture. How the hell is he even still able to run for President when he should be locked up for the Ukraine deal along with his no child support paying son. He stood right on TV and bragged about withholding aid unless they fired the prosecutor that was investigating the Burisma deal. These Dumbocrats amaze me with their arrogance and above all the laws they were elected to make and enforce.

  27. What planet are the Democrats on ! Maybe they should go looking for a brave New world in outer space , we’ll pay for their spaceship ( the ark) and blast off !

  28. If Democrat speak the president elect and Senate. While holding on to the House. You can believe TROUBLE IS COMING! So make sure you are at peace with God!

  29. To you anti AMERICA. Go ahead and vote for a Democrat. Just remember when you lose your job. Blame yourself! When you LOSE your saving, 401k, IRA, BLAME YOURSELF! Chris DODD AND Barney Frank were two major DEMOCRAT who got the rest of the Democrat congress to OVERRIDE BUSH VETO OF THEIR BILLS! Do you know what that Bill was? Better do your research fast! Because Joe Biden just told you if you heard his last speech.

  30. These two leftover candidates are both into a new world of la la land eh? They fantasize about being a national leader to no where. If Biden wins (which will never happen) He will be in the resthome during his first year. Old man Bernie will be pushing a walker with wheels. Hillary will be wearing handcuffs! Har, har, har democrates you LOOSE!

  31. I predict if this idiot wins there will be chaos in this country short of a full scale revolution. He is more than bad for this nation. Also if by a miracle or a fix of the election if he does win, Impeachment proceedings should begin immediately on his first day in office.

  32. I wonder just how much George Soros has contributed to Biden’s campaign. There’s a distinct possibility some funding came from the Clinton foundation depending how much is still in it. Smells rotten. The NWO is the Bush family, the Illuminati and the Bilderberg’s…plus the rest of the “money” that controls the world ensuring their continued wealth.

  33. All the American Citizen Standing Army will shut down the NWO if it comes to that. this moron and all the others before him Clinton’s, Obama & the Bushes cheering the NWO need to be HUNG for TREASON

  34. both of the idiots running on the democrat ticket are extremely dangerous for the US and leave this nation in ruins

  35. Since when can YOUR word be trusted Biden you lying POS? Hell your own people are stuffing you into limos to shut you up.

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