Joe Biden made one comment about the new world order that will leave you speechless

Joe Biden essentially locked up the 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination with victories in at least four primaries on Tuesday night.

But even in victory Biden sowed the seeds of his eventual defeat.

And that’s because Joe Biden made one comment about the new world order that will leave you speechless.

Democrats, Never-Trumpers, and Washington, D.C. swamp creatures of all stripes fume about Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy and his rejection of the globalist agenda.

In his victory speech on Tuesday night, Biden promised that if elected he would have America working as a part of the new world order the globalists so desperately desire.

Biden stated:

My fellow Americans, we have to once again lead the world. Donald Trump’s “America First” policies made America alone. You know, in the fight against climate change, we have to rally the rest of the world to act, and act now. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on Day One. Make it clear to our allies that we’ll honor our commitments, that our word can be trusted.

And make clear to our adversaries that we will stand fast in restoring world order. That’s the American responsibility.

Biden’s call for globalism means open borders, shipping jobs to China and Mexico through lopsided trade deals, and job killing agreements to combat the global warming hoax.

This agenda all benefits the ruling class and citizens in foreign countries.

None of this passes along any advantage to the American people.

Very rarely do Presidential candidates admit they work on behalf of forces that come into direct conflict with those of the American people.

But Joe Biden just did.

And it could cost Democrats the election.

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