Joe Biden made one deal with Vladimir Putin that you aren’t going to believe

Joe Biden’s disastrous decision making continues to haunt America.

But Biden crossed a line that no one thought was possible.

And Joe Biden made one deal with Vladimir Putin that you aren’t going to believe.

On one hand, Joe Biden declared Russian President Vladimir Putin the modern-day Adolph Hitler for his decision to invade Ukraine.

Biden and other Western nations imposed massive economic sanctions on the Russian economy to deter Putin from further action.

But on the other hand, Biden is about to cut a new Iranian nuclear deal that will provide Russia a safe haven to avoid economic sanctions.

That’s according to an analysis conducted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

“Policymakers should understand why this deal will establish a sanctions evasion hub for Vladimir Putin based in Iran—dramatically undermining international attempts to halt Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and deter further aggression,” the FDD’s analysis reads. “In addition to looking for a sanctions-free channel for trade, Russia might use this opportunity to learn from Iran’s decades of sanctions circumvention expertise and better prepare to offset future financial pressure from the West.”

Russia was an integral part of Barack Obama’s original deal with Iran that Donald Trump tore up because it allowed Iran to eventually obtain a nuclear weapon.

“Russia is well aware that the United States and Europe are eyeing such secondary sanctions and is looking to preemptively establish a financial beachhead from which Moscow can freely operate and evade future sanctions pressure,” the analysis continued. “Washington should draw from its experience in expanding the scope of secondary and financial sanctions on Iran to close this loophole that exists in the Russia sanctions regime.”

The FDD explains that Russia can evade economic sanctions because the new Iran nuclear deal stipulates that if the United States or any other nation imposes sanctions on Iran for dealing with Russia, then Iran can accelerate their uranium enrichment process.

“The new Russian-brokered Iran Deal stipulates that the United States cannot reimpose sanctions on those Iranian banks—or else Iran is authorized to expand its uranium enrichment activities,” the analysis continues. “In other words, the Russian-brokered Iran nuclear deal already guarantees Russia can use a sanctions-free Iran as a sanctions-evasion oasis. Russia and Iran have a long history of scheming to evade U.S. sanctions—and Iran will be able to apply its own lessons learned to aid Putin.”

Joe Biden has completely botched foreign policy.

Now Biden is in the process of helping Iran acquire a nuclear weapon and helping Putin evade sanctions.

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