Joe Biden made one jaw-dropping comment that had everyone talking treason

Former Vice President Joe Biden is in hot water.

The Democrat frontrunner for president is being confronted with a horrible scandal from his past.

And Biden made one jaw-dropping comment that has everyone taking treason.

Joe Biden has come under fire for his cozy relations to the Chinese government and whether China holds improper influence over him.

On a recent campaign swing, Biden claimed China – which is working to supplant the United States as the world’s sole super power – is not a competitor with the U.S.

That comment launched a re-examination of Biden’s record on China.

And Americans do not like what they see.

Biden has long promoted the Chinese national interest at the expense of America.

In 2013, he praised Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal which shipped American jobs and wealth to Asian countries that would benefit the Chinese even though Beijing was not a party to the agreement.

Breitbart reports:

Biden said he proudly supported TPP, which he acknowledged would have opened global markets and forced American workers and U.S. industry to compete against low-wage foreign workers in countries like Malaysia and Vietnam.

“These institutions that the affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order because the global order is changing again,” Biden told Export-Import bankers.

Central to this multilateral, open markets agenda, Biden said, is ensuring that foreign countries are prosperous — including China. Biden said at the time that China having a prosperous economy is “overwhelmingly” in the interests of American businesses and U.S. workers:

We have to update the global rules of the road, we have to do it in a way that maximize benefits for everyone because obviously its overwhelmingly in our interests. This is not a zero-sum game. It’s overwhelmingly in our interests that China prosper, that Mongolia prosper, that nations big and large, east and west, in Latin America and in Africa prosper … we want everyone to have a little money to make sure they can buy American products.

Biden’s pro-China stance figures to be one of the key flash points in a potential matchup with President Trump.

Will his support for Chinese industry at the expense of American workers kill any chance to win back working class voters that defected to Donald Trump in 2016?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. They, also, did same with Russia’s election. Then people here complain when Russia responds.

  2. I do believe that Biden and his son recieved a billion dallor contract with China a few years ago. Was this money a bribe?

  3. Joe Biden made one statement as to the affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order. The new world order under the democrats means domination, no rights and imprisonment for anyone that disagrees with them.
    And they classified Trump as Hitler, but we know who the real traitors to America and the American people.

  4. China’s trade practices are predatory in the extreme. You don’t have to be a GOP voter to see that.

    I think we’re headed for another debt meltdown in the US. Lots of people buy giant trucks, SUVs and minivans they can’t really afford. Many of the banks don’t care, as they repackage this debt an resell it as collateralized securities. We already know how this story ends.

    “Don’t you knock on my door, I won’t be there anymore, you can find me out walking the sun. Though you hide it so well, it’s pretty easy to tell, and I know a heartache when I see one.”

  5. LMFAO! You definitely hit the nail on the head Lucy. Fits Joe the dumber plumber perfectly.

  6. Joe
    You belong in a monkey house and would fit right in. Working for peanuts, happy to have lost all your freedoms, impervious to the stare of people watching you because you do not have enough intelligence to realize you are so out of place with you surroundings and scream and fling your crap at people. Maybe we should call you BoBo.

  7. Why don’t you get educated and go to Google and look up all of Trumps achievements, it’s really long. Everything he’s done is great for everyone in this country. And please come back and tell me what it is of his achievements that you hate. And if you hate it, then your not a true American, and do not live this country! Your MSNBC, CNN, and NBC, are liberal news outlits, they lie all day long to thier viewers. If you pay attention they all say the same thing over and over to brainwash weak individuals. They are the take down Trump media, and will never tell you the truth are the great tbi gs Trump has accomplished. Trump, his daughter, and her husband donate every penny they make to Saint Judes, The Verterains, ect. Trump works for free! The Deep State wants to be in control of who will be the next President, not us the American people. They were so sure that he would loose, and now they hate him with a purple passion. Wake up seeks the truth.

  8. Joe Biden is deep into “The Deep State”. Him and his son stand to loose millions from China, if Trump gets reelected. There are no tarrifs on China because the democrats are being paid under the table from China. They do not care about America, are its citizens, just greed! A vote for Biden is another repeat of the worse President ever in history, Obama. And we can kiss this great economy goodbye if he wins, also be prepared to have the Government to over reach and tax us 70 percent, 90 percent death tax, and open borders, meaning we the American tax payer has to pay for these illegals Healthcare, college, homes, food stamps, ect. Biden believes they are our responsibility! What a joke, out of touch again with us Americans!

  9. They talk about collusion btwn trump and Russia on the elections.Waiting for the same thing if biden gets elected collusion from china.

  10. Why should the greatest president ever resign? Your collecting wellfare? Get off it don’t need my earned money supporting your lazy self. Trump get rid of these blood suckers!

  11. Clearly Biden is not putting the American citizens first. He likes to cater the international needs. It has been too long that the US have been shelling out billions of dollars to many enemies. Talking about wealth distribution that are so way over blown.

    Biden is NOT going to help America. Just a simple fact.

  12. Scott 27:
    Don’t you mean 1/gazzionth of a brain cell. The way you talk about Trump sounds to me that is what’s contained in your almost empty skull.

  13. Sloppy Joe Bite me should get out of politics and go to a nursing home As he has the worn out ideas of the liberal throwbacks in the 1960’S that have been tried for years over and over again and never worked. I’m sure he’d get better care there as I question his mental healh.

  14. I thing you are the idiot is doing nothing great the Democrac is now comunist.Do you want another Venezuela,Cuba, Nicaragua most to the political don’t about Bussines live for 40 years living from the tax we pay like Baiden and do deal like the million the son did on Ucrania, more and more.

  15. What do you expect from an American HATER like that Pedaphile Creepy old Joe he spent 8 years sucking Obozo’s rectum.

  16. You are a dumb ass SOB trator to this great nation. You need to get the hell out of country now. SEMPER FI

  17. You are a dumb ass SOB trator to this great nation. You need to get the hell out of country now. SEMPER FI

  18. All these Democrats are taking millions from foreign Countries for selling out our Country. They are money hungry and Power is what they want most. They also know that money is what is buying them Power. They also know that when Communism takes over our Country, their money will buy them safety for life.

  19. Biden should just pull out of the race he is not good for America. America does not need to go through another investigation about who is in collusion with should just pull out of the race he is not good for America. America does not need to go through another investigation about who is in collusion with her who. He should pull out himself and do that for the betterment of the

  20. Joe
    Peking is calling your idiot nane.Hey Joe-,We make things Nice For You in Peking & Monitor Everything You Do Chinese Food good here especially the Dog Burger.

  21. How do we go about checking to see if there was any collusion between Biden and China. Could we get Mueller to do it. probably not, Biden is a Democrat.
    Beside that, the Democrats never do anything wrong. Yeah, sure.

  22. Not to worry, as soon as the truth that Mr. Howell posted above, and that fact that Creep Sleepy Joe does in fact has close ties with China, his bribes to Ukraine regarding firing the prosecutor looking to his son’s misdealing, etc., etc., etc. he won’t be even in the clown car when the DNC convention arrives. Right now his polling is up simply due to name recognition.

  23. Bidens last trip to China as the VP he took his son along for the ride.

    Joe came back a moron, BUT his son came back with SIGNED AGREEMENTS worth over 2 BILLION DOLLARS!

    Yeah, he’s a bit TOO FRIENDLY with China!

  24. Hi Mike, Once again we encounter a dematard,, where a politrash’s tax returns, oh never mind they are not released to the public !!!

  25. his buttbuddy obama bragged about the computer virus that had been introduced into the Iran uranium enrichment centrifuges that made them self destruct.

    Because he ‘wanted to be in the know’ AND TELL IRAN what was going on!

  26. Joe the dumber plumber, you are an idiot beyond belief. Tell us one PROVEN traitorous act that President Trump has done, and I don’t mean any communist news network BS. The President has been great for this country in EVERY conceivable way. You’re a moron Joe, and a stinking communist traitor yourself.

  27. He seems very tired. I always see him doing interviews and at his Rally’s sitting down. That is one man you don’t want to turn your back on not for a second. Do you think he’s going to be that much different than he was a mere four years ago. I don’t think so he was not good for America then and he is even worse now

  28. Joe Biden knew exactly what he had done. People keep defending Joe Biden AOC Kamala Harris saying they don’t know what they’ve done and they don’t understand what they say that’s a crock of BS. They are out to get rid of America. I don’t understand how the rest of America could be so asleep that they do not see this. Thank God for President Donald Trump. He is not asleep at the wheel

  29. stevo, why do you think he’s saying “China is not a competitor”? He’s getting ridiculously rich just like the Clinton’s with OUR uranium. They give them our money and get part of it back for their bank accounts. As the saying goes…they’re laughing all the way to the bank.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if they had to pay out the wazoo like the republicans did with the “witch hunt”? How can they live with themselves for what they did to General Flynn not to mention all the others

  30. You can really tell Hettie is a liberal. I wouldn’t believe her if she said night was dark and day was light. Her mind is all screwed up.

  31. I got this in a Email and it’s Sad ????Y’all????????

    Please, remember this!

    “On May 3, 2011, at a national event in Washington, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did the unthinkable – He publicly revealed the identity of the special-operations unit responsible for bin Laden’s killing, just to show that he “is in the know”.

    His reckless action put at risk the lives of every member of Seal Team 6. The Taliban and other jihadists eager to avenge bin Laden now knew which unit to target. Stunned and shocked, Seal Team Six members immediately realized they were going to be hunted by al Qaeda sympathizers.

    Soon after Biden’s reckless idiotic speach, an American CH47 Chinook was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade in the Tangi Valley, Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan, all 38 aboard were killed including most if not all of Seal Team Six, this incident became known as Extortion 17… After Biden had let the identification out, and before the Chinook was shot down, members of Seal Team 6 had called their families and told them to wipe out all connection to them, including social media, and disassociate themselves as far away from them as possible because they too would be in grave danger as the Taliban would attmept to find them in retaliation…and Biden, well he didn’t even drop a sweat over any of it, and was just too stupid to realize what he had done.”

  32. There are many traitors in this country, Trump is the new Benedict Arnold, and all the Republicans who don’t stand up to him also are such as McConnell, Barr, Pence, Cotton, John Kennedy of Louisiana, another conman, Rick Scott of Florida.

  33. Another brainless loony spewing empty words with no facts to back them up.
    Your Party of Hate, Hypocrisy and Hysteria will loose this election by a landside. So stock up on crayons, play doe and hot cocoa.
    You’re a loozzer.

  34. You are an idiot. You’re making statements that lack any facts. If Trump had done anything illegal under the tax code it would had been exposed long ago and if he’d done anything illegal with the Russians guess what Mueller would had found, he only spent 30 million dollars looking for something. Racist? What nonsense, you’ve just exposed your ignorance of not knowing what a racist is. You liberals are insanely dangerous to this country.

  35. hettie An uninformed dummy has spoken……do you have any proof of what you said that he paid no taxes, or he is a racist, that’s why you are a democrat, an uniformed liar

  36. hettie An uninformed dummy has spoken……do you have any proof of what you said that he paid no taxes, or he is a racist, that’s why you are a democrat, an uniformed liar

  37. This go around the dems don’t even have 1 really promising candidate and Biden is definitely a bunch of bricks short of a load. He’s really out of touch with reality.

  38. Biden has passed his time!
    Comparing his capabilities to Trump is like comparing a cat and a mouse.
    He has never had a job just like Obummer.
    He should be running for President of his local nursing home.
    I have zero confidence in man politically.

  39. Hmmm, I guess it REALLY IS true – The CRAZY ones ALWAYS think they’re SANE & SMARTER than everybody else. Did you know that a GROWING number of RESPECTED PSYCHIATRISTS now consider LIBERALISM a LEGITIMATE MENTAL ILLNESS ??? NO $#!T…Look it up, it’s TRUE !!! And if it’s ACTUALLY TRUE that you don’t smoke anything, you may want to go get checked out SOON…Don’t worry, your DEAR LEADER made sure you’ll have the coverage to do it ON OUR DIME……

  40. Why should we be surprised? Just look at his record over the decades he spent in Public life . it is full of stupid statements and even worse Democratic policies . BTW he was the ONLY one of OBAMA’s advisors that DID NOT advocate the attack on Bin Laden by the SEALS . Freaken coward . Even Obama had more guts than Biden and that’s saying a lot as Obama was probably the most cowardly President the USA has had since James Buchanan

  41. Trumps the crimanal thats why hes putting up road blockes to keep his taxes a secret and the fact that hes never paid any and his croocked russian deals not to mention that hes against every race but the white race if thoes fools want to believe their race is pure let them but thats why young black women were kept house maids but were really concubines go figure

  42. Biden is a clown…always has been. Saying China is not a competitor means he thinks they already won…..what a buffoon.

  43. Well, Frenchie, I haven’t looked at CNN in a long time; haven’t liked kool-aid since I was a kid and don’t smoke anything. What I have, apparently, is about a gazillion more sensible and working brain cells. It would be to your benefit to turn off Faux and Breitbart and look at the world beyond your little box.

  44. Well, Frenchie, I haven’t looked at CNN in a long time; haven’t liked kool-aid since I was a kid and don’t smoke anything. What I have, apparently, is about a gazillion more sensible and working brain cells. It would be to your benefit to turn off Faux and Breitbart and look at the world beyond your little box.

  45. Put down the CNN & step away from the KOOL-AID, SLOWLY…May not hurt to LEAVE THE BONG ALONE, as well. OBVIOUSLY, whatever you’re smoking in it is WAY too strong for you. DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION IS RAMPANT to the point that it’s QUICKLY becoming a prerequisite for DNC Candidates to be allowed to run for Office….. Just sayin’……..

  46. How many US jobs and how much advanced US technology have we sent to China? Should a Democrat like Biden ever get elected president, we would again head down the path of a 3rd world nation as Soros, Obama and Clinton dream of. GOD BLESS TRUMP!!

  47. And this $hit for brains is their strongest candidate. What a clown circus the DemRats have become.

  48. Biden is a First Class MORON …. All he does is BABBLE with NO CREDIBLE FACTS to his IDIOTIC talking points. He cant even complete a single sentence !


  49. But of course, Lou, you are privvy to that corruption, right? How can you and your ilk here be so completely ignorant of what’s going on here? On the sole subject of China, “trade wars are easy to win” is what your Dear Leader said. Truth is, no “billions” are pouring into our treasury. Truth is you and I are paying more for multiple consumer goods AND we’re being taxed to pay subsidies to farmers being ravaged by this trade war. But I guess it’s all a dodge to deflect from the cozy relationship with Russia who meddled in our elections to benefit your guy.

  50. I wouldn’t vote for him ever. He’s liar and a cheat. Worse than that, he’s an abuser. Why is it that the creepiest guys always think they’re allowed to invade a woman’s space? He learned his behavior at the knee of Bill Clinton. Please America, spare us from Joe Biden.

  51. Biden will regret jumping in the presidential race because he will come under great scrutiny and America will be amaze as to the corruption he and other were involve with.

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