Joe Biden made one phone call he instantly came to regret

The Presidential campaign trail is starting to return to normalcy.

Both candidates traveled to swing states and delivered speeches attacking their opponent.

But Joe Biden made one phone call he instantly came to regret.

Donald Trump executed a politically masterful and well-received trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin to tour businesses destroyed by Black Lives Matter rioters following the police shooting of Jacob Blake and meet with law enforcement.

The President told Kenosha that America was with them and together they would pull through and rebuild.

Days after declaring he would not go to Kenosha, Joe Biden’s handlers sent him to the riot-ravaged city for a politically disastrous trip.

Biden told a crowd of black churchgoers that someone would “shoot him” if he kept talking about his tax plan.

When he took questions from the audience, a local pulled out a piece of paper and said, “I’m just going to be honest Mr. Biden, I was told to go off this paper but I can’t. You need the truth.”

The former Vice President also met with Blake’s father despite Jacob Blake Sr.’s history of racist and anti-Semitic Facebook posts.

And finally, Biden called Jacob Blake and treated Blake like he was a wounded war hero that the nation was pulling for.

Newsmax reported:

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke with Jacob Blake on the phone for 15 minutes during a visit to Wisconsin.

Blake is a Black man whose shooting by a white Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer last week led to days of protests and violence.

Biden says Blake “talked about how nothing was going to defeat him, about how whether he walked again or not, he was not going to give up.”

In reality, Jacob Blake is an accused rapist.

Police responded to a 9-1-1 call from a woman that accused Blake of trespassing at her house and previously alleged that Blake digitally raped her by sticking his fingers in her vagina while she lay in bed.

When police arrived they alleged there was a confrontation where Blake fought them off and wielded a knife before police shot Blake seven times.

This is who Joe Biden chose to elevate as a victim and hero.

It will not help him fend off attacks from Donald Trump that he is weak on law and order.

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