Joe Biden made one prediction about Kamala Harris that will leave you speechless

When Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris as his running mate, Democrats thought they had an easy succession plan in place.

Many assumed that Joe Biden would only serve one term in office.

But Joe Biden just made one prediction about Kamala Harris that will leave you speechless.

Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Ermhof, recently introduced Joe Biden at a Rosh Hashanah White House event.

Biden joked that Ermhof married a woman out of his league as a segue to joke about Harris’ political future.

“Well, as you’re about to find out, Doug and I married way above our station. You’ve already seen one example of that. You’ll soon see another. Doug, thank you for the introduction,” Biden stated.

Biden then predicted that Kamala Harris would be the first – but not the last – female President.

“And Doug is right. You’re the first, but — Kamala often says — you won’t be the last. Kamala won’t be the last woman to be Vice President — or President,” Biden exclaimed.

Polls show Democrats do not want Joe Biden to run for reelection.

A CNN poll showed 75 percent of Democrats want a new candidate two years from now.

Democrats know Joe Biden is senile and unpopular due to his socialist spending agenda, which combine to make him unelectable in 2024.

But that does not mean Democrats are ready to hand the keys to the kingdom to Kamala Harris.

Polls show Harris is even more unpopular than Biden.

FivethirtyEight pegs Harris’ approval rating at just 39 percent.

Harris’ low approval ratings are due to multiple factors.

First, Harris has a horrific public persona where it often becomes uncomfortable to watch her speak.

But Harris also owns Joe Biden’s biggest failure.

In March of 2021, Joe Biden tapped Harris to serve as his border czar.

Biden knew his open borders agenda presented a political liability so he passed the buck to his Vice President by putting Harris in charge.

Since Harris took over as border czar, over four-million illegal aliens have entered the country.

Polls show Republicans hold a massive lead over Democrats on immigration.

Harris’ cringeworthy public presentation and horrendous political skills have Democrats like Gavin Newsom and Hillary Clinton not even trying to hide that they are planning to run for President in 2024 if Joe Biden steps down.

And that makes it highly unlikely that Kamala Harris will ever make good on Joe Biden’s prediction.

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