Joe Biden made one promise that every Democrat will live to regret

Joe Biden is leading in the polls and some “experts” believe a landslide is coming.

That led Biden to commit a major mistake.

And Joe Biden made one promise that every Democrat will live to regret.

During a recent Zoom call with friendly reporters, Joe Biden let his guard down and made it clear he was fully on board with the radical Left’s agenda to impose socialism on America if Democrats run the table this November.

Biden told the fake news reporters that there was “understanding there’s only certain things, big things, that government can do that the private sector by itself can’t do.”

The former Vice President claimed the country was ready for “systemic” and “institutional” changes.

“I do think we’ve reached the point where one of those trite phrases everybody uses . . . it’s a real inflection point in American history and I don’t believe it’s unlike what [President Franklin] Roosevelt [faced].” Biden added, “I think we have an enormous opportunity to make some really systemic changes relates [sic] to racism but institutional ways in which we handle things And I think the country is really ready.”

And Biden made it clear that Republicans could either go along with his socialist agenda or Democrats would eliminate the legislative filibuster, which would allow them pass any number of far-left policies such as gun confiscation, amnesty, and the “Green New Deal” with just 51 votes.

“I think it’s gonna depend on how obstreperous they become,” Biden responded when asked about getting rid of the filibuster, “I have not supported the elimination of the filibuster because it’s been used as often . . . the other way around [for Democrats’ benefit], but I I think you have to just take a look at it.”

President Trump is making the case to the American people that if Biden wins he will just serve as a puppet for socialists in Congress like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Biden’s new promise for “systemic” and “institutional” change while hinting at getting rid of the filibuster just made President Trump’s job easier.

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