Joe Biden made one serious promise that means jail time for these Trump supporters

Joe Biden is going all in on his new domestic war on terror.

Instead of targeting foreign terrorists Joe Biden has his sights set on the 74,000,000 Americans that voted for Donald Trump.

And Joe Biden made one serious promise that means jail time for these Trump supporters.

Joe Biden fed the media hype about the so-called “insurrection” of January 6 by delivering a speech marking its six month anniversary.

Biden used his remarks to claim Trump supporters were more treasonous than the southern states in the Civil War by claiming they crossed a line the Confederate Army never did.

“Not even during the Civil War did insurrectionists breach our Capitol, the citadel of our democracy. But six months ago today, insurrectionists did. They launched a violent and deadly assault on the people’s house, on the people’s representatives, and on the Capitol police sworn to protect them, as our duly elected Congress carried out the sacred ritual of our republic and certified the Electoral College vote,” Biden mumbled.

Biden claimed the so-called “insurrection” was an attack that threatened to overthrow the entire United States government. In reality the events of January 6th lasted mere hours during which one person – a Trump supporter – died directly as a result of the events.

In his remarks Biden called for a new domestic war on terror focused on “hate” and “extremism” centered on an investigation into the events of January 6 so the government could round up and arrest even more Trump supporters for being at the Capitol that day.

“But while it shocked and saddened the nation and the world, six months later, we can say unequivocally that democracy did prevail — and that we must all continue the work to protect and preserve it,” Biden added. “That requires people of goodwill and courage to stand up to the hate, the lies, and the extremism that led to this vicious attack, including determining what happened so that we can remember it and not bury it hoping we forget.”

There was violence on January 6.

But it was not an “insurrection” that was designed to overthrow the U.S. government.

Most of the people arrested are not facing weapons charges or other violent crimes.

It was an ugly riot that was over in a couple of hours and paled in comparison to the Black Lives Matter attacks from the summer.

Democrats largely embraced those attacks and have told Americans “this is what democracy looks like” whenever out-of-control left-wing protests occur.

That was Democrats’ cry when Party and Union activists besieged state capitols early in the last decade in Michigan and Wisconsin. There violent activists scaled walls and broke windows to storm the building and went on to demand the ouster of then Governor Scott Walker.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tweeted left-wing protesters’ actions at the Wisconsin Capitol were an “impressive show of democracy in action.”

Now she and Biden tried to convince Americans that the events on January 6 are an existential threat to “our Democracy.”

That’s despite Joe Biden saying only weeks ago you’d need “F-15’s and nukes” to take it on.

But now Joe Biden and Democrats are using it as pretense for their new domestic war on terror that threatens to land any of the 74,000,000 Americans who voted for Donald Trump in jail.

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