Joe Biden made one sickening gesture that caused him to lose the support of this key ally

As Joe Biden’s approval numbers sink his administration becomes more desperate.

But the scramble into damage control mode is only causing more problems.

And now Joe Biden made one sickening gesture that caused him to lose the support of this key ally.

Joe Biden’s sliding poll numbers meant his handlers hid him away from the press even more than usual.

Biden’s staff cannot trust Biden to stay on message or answer questions that aren’t turned over in advance so they just order Biden not to talk to reporters.

The press frustration with the media cocoon hit a boiling point in an Oval Office meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

After Johnson and Biden delivered their remarks, Johnson took several questions from the British press.

American reporters then hoped to ask Biden questions about his administration’s failure to secure the southern border.

At that point Biden aides began shouting down the press making it impossible to hear Biden’s response.

A bewildered Biden even appeared to motion the press out of the room as his aides frantically scrambled to usher reporters out of the room before Biden could deliver unscripted answers to their questions.

Even CNN’s chief Democrat Party propagandist Brian Stelter complained about the incident in his nightly “Reliable Sources” newsletter noting that press secretary Jen Psaki did not commit to having Biden answer more questions from the press.

“Per WHCA President Steven Portnoy, Psaki said she was not aware of the incident. When he requested a press conference, Psaki responded that Biden takes questions several times throughout the week,” Stelter wrote.

The RNC Research twitter account noted just how under wraps Biden’s staff kept Biden from communication with the press.

“Joe Biden has taken 3 questions from reporters in the last 7 days, averaging fewer than 7 words per answer,” the RNC Research account wrote.

As the crises on Joe Biden’s watch mount and Biden’s poll numbers plummet, Biden’s handlers tried to minimize the damage by not allowing Biden to speak in unscripted settings due to Biden’s propensity to make gaffes.

But instead of keeping Biden out of the headlines, this strategy of hiding the president from the public is only leading to more questions about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

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