Joe Biden made shocking promises to Union Bosses in this private basement meeting

It’s no secret Democrats will take every advantage of any crisis to promote their socialist agenda.

And newly anointed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is no different from the rest.

But even astute political observers were shocked at all the promises Biden made to Union Bosses in this private basement meeting.

Nancy Pelosi is demanding a long list of items be included in each and every coronavirus economic relief bill.

From the “Green New Deal” to mandatory voting by mail, funding for Planned Parenthood and the “arts,” and payments to illegal aliens, the House Speaker certainly knows how to take advantage of Americans’ suffering.

Socialist darling and one-time bartender “AOC” – Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – is demanding landlords stop collecting rent during this time.

Democrat Governors are banning gun sales while keeping abortion mills open, and looking at ways to track citizens through drones, cell phones, and even biometrics that can detect fevers and coughs!

And, it turns out, newly anointed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is all too happy to jump on the “let no crisis go to waste” bandwagon.

Earlier this week, Biden told AFL-CIO union bosses that the damage and carnage being done to the U.S. economy by the effort to protect American lives from coronavirus is a “chance” to change it.

That’s right, the Democrat presidential nominee and scandal-plagued former Vice President is ready to use the crisis and American deaths to help usher in a socialist economy.

Biden made his remarks to officials of the Pennsylvania union from his basement studio in a shocking manner.

Biden told the union bosses, “Once we break the infection curve and stem this public health crisis, we’re going to face an immense job of rebuilding this economy.”

“We can’t just return to an unfair and unequal economy that’s stacked against American workers,” he continued, also claiming, “the middle class was built by unions.”

He went on to ramble for a while on how unions will be the “driver” of the country’s success after the coronavirus outbreak subsides.

“We know what that needs to look like. This will be our chance to make it real,” Biden assured the Big Labor Bosses.

Then, after going through a long and sometimes confusing laundry list of Big Labor’s favorite proposals, Biden added, “And above all, more union members, more unions, more collective bargaining everywhere in America. In the private sector. In the public sector. In the federal government.”

This was good, if shocking, news to the Union Bosses, at a time when Americans are more and more realizing how corrupt and unnecessary Big Labor has become.

Biden went on to double confirm to the Big Labor bosses that if they elect him in November, “no one” will fight harder for them.

You read that right, “if they elect him.” That says a lot about the continued strength and power of Union officials through the billions of dollars in forced dues stolen from American workers.

“My dad used to say the only way to deal with the abuse of power is with power,” he said. “You are the only power we have.”

He vowed at least three times to “promote unions.”

“I want to promise you, that’s what I’m going to do. Not just support unions but promote formation of more unions. Take on those corporations that are spending a billion dollars a year to make it difficult to organize,” Biden said.

He then claimed with no evidence or facts that companies are “violating the law” by opposing the often violent and illegal Union Boss power grabs.

This Biden basement meeting is likely just the opening salvo in his attempt to use the sad deaths of Americans to promote a Union Boss utopia.

Sadly, as the crisis continues, expect Democrats, and some Republicans to increase their efforts to take over the economy and “remake” the country.

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