Joe Biden made the biggest mistake of his life when he answered one question

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the commanding frontrunner in the Democrat presidential primaries.

He’s sitting atop the money as well as state and national polls.

But Joe Biden made the biggest mistake of his life when he answered one question.

At a campaign stop in Los Angeles, Joe Biden was asked by a reporter about giving government health care benefits to illegal aliens.

Biden answered that he supported this insane taxpayer giveaway to law breakers.

Breitbart reports:

The leading Democrat candidate made his pronouncement at a campaign stop in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday.

Replying to a reporter who asked if illegals who are “law abiding” deserve federal benefits, Biden eagerly agreed.

“I think that anyone who is in a situation where they’re in need of health care, regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented, we have an obligation to see that they are cared for,” Biden said. “That’s why I think we need more clinics around the country.”

The former vice president added that we need to “tone down the rhetoric” against illegals and that worries over illegal immigration are meant to “create fear and concern” about “that other, the immigrant.”

The situation at the southern border is in crisis mode.

The last two months have seen Customs and Border Patrol stop over 100,000 illegal aliens from storming in to the country.

The government estimates one percent of the population illegally emigrated from Guatemala to the United States.

This invasion would spiral further out of control if illegal aliens knew they could mooch off American taxpayers.

Biden’s remarks may have been an attempt to shore up his left flank in the Democrat presidential primaries.

But President Trump will be sure to use them in TV commercials next fall if Biden is his Democratic opponent.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. HE CAN’T HELP IT. He has Alzheimer’s/dimentia. 1/2 of the population over 80 suffers from it. It’s time to put him out to pasture, hopefully somewhere like Gitmo or Leavenworth with his brother and son.

  2. Ron, I like this comment very much. No mud, just facts that raise questions worthy of our consideration. So few comments like this going around. The issues you raise say a lot about the Democrats ability to deceive.

  3. There should be a law that makes anyone who votes for demented idiots as Sloppy Joe Bite me who wants to force all of us taxpayers to provide our money to support illegal aliens should only apply to voters who vote for that jerk.

  4. David, I have a question which no one seems to answer. If the Democrat Party is pro-choice, i.e.,killing babies by aborting them voluntarily and Catholic faith is against that. Why would any person who is Catholic vote for any Democrat? Christians and Jews should not vote Democrat either. WTF? Same applies to Blacks who support the party (Democrats) who established Jim Crow Laws in the South, post-Civil War and the Margarte Sanger Planned Parenthood black elimination system.

  5. It seems to me that there are millions of illegal foreigners in our country dependent on American taxpayer funds. Therefore, I feel fully justified to claim at least one of them on my annual income tax return as a dependent. I’ll just call him Jose Garcia and claim him as an expense of whatever the amount is for my children. I recommend that all taxpayers do the same and see where this leads, no one else is claimimg him.

  6. However, God gave us a brain to think and a heart with feelings. How we use these will determine the outcome of 2020. Prayer is essential for this upcoming election. If we believe and pray, God will be with us.
    “If God is with us, who can be against us.” So I feel it is us who believe and God, that will claim victory in 2020

  7. He wouldn’t even allow his secret service detail to stay on his property without demanding rent. He sure isn’t going to help anyone, with money out of his own pocket.

  8. Earth to Jo can you read me.Oops he’s too far out there to read me,I mean hear.sorry for going so far over your “head” You are the poster child for ignorance

  9. Now people, stop picking on poor Joe the Plumber. It’s not his fault that even the lobotomy couldn’t fix his mental problems.

  10. Lenny, the answer is simple, his mother shoved the baby up her butt then took a dump and bingo, out popped Joe

  11. Charlene, thanks for joining us who have been p…ed off for years about obamullato cutting ss retirement benefits down to the same as disability benefits, they both pay the same. This was done so the illegals could receive ss benefits that they never paid a cent into. Why is it we don’t hear any politician talking about fixing this problem?

  12. David Rose, how very true. God gave all of us free will, it is us in the voting booth not God.

  13. Shut the hell up, Biden, you moron!!! If you love them so much, YOU take care of them, PAY THEIR BILLS, house, feed and clothe them!!! Leave the American taxpayer out of it!! I wouldn’t give you air if you were in a jug, Joe!!!!

  14. Free healthcare for all. Hmm, if you lived in another country and need a medical procedure you could fly to the US and get your operation for free without being a US citizen. All you would have to say is I’m illegal and you get all your medical for free. I wonder how many people would take advantage of that.

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