Joe Biden melted down after a regime official let this truth slip

Joe Biden is feeling the heat for his massive failures.

He can’t even count on his own people to have his back.

And Joe Biden melted down after a regime official let this truth slip.

Americans are being hammered by the skyrocketing cost of living caused by Joe Biden’s reckless spending.

After taking office, he flooded the economy with $2 trillion from the American Rescue Plan.

The bill spent trillions in wasteful stimulus, sending inflation soaring.

Inflation has turned into the biggest economic issue facing the country, making it a major problem for the Biden regime.

After the latest inflation report showed another 40-year high of 8.6%, Joe Biden doubled down on the excuses.

Biden has turned to blaming every problem facing his regime from inflation to record high gas prices on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

He’s repeatedly used the lame excuse of “Putin’s price hike” to paint the war in Ukraine as the main cause of inflation.

Inflation was skyrocketing long before the war in Ukraine.

The inflation rate in December of 2021 was 7%, up from 1.4% in January of that year when Biden took office.

After Democrats spent the Trump Presidency turning Russia into the boogeyman, Biden couldn’t resist trying to scapegoat Putin for the problems he created.

During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Senator Bill Hagerty questioned Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell about Joe Biden’s favorite excuse for inflation.

Hagerty noted that rising inflation began in 2021, which is long before the Russia-Ukraine war began.

After citing these statistics, Hagerty asked Powell if he thought the war in Ukraine was the “primary driver” of inflation as the Biden regime frequently claims.

“No. Inflation was high … certainly before the war in Ukraine broke out,” Powell said.

“I’m glad to hear you say that. The Biden administration seems to be intent on deflecting blame,” Hagerty said.

He noted that recently, the regime yet again “spread the misinformation that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was the ‘biggest single driver of inflation.’”

“I’m glad you agree with me that that is not the truth,” Hagerty told Powell.

One of Joe Biden’s chief excuses for inflation was refuted by his own Federal Reserve Chairman.

Despite his best efforts to blame Putin, the public isn’t buying his excuse.

Polling shows that voters overwhelmingly put the blame on Joe Biden for inflation.

Only 11% of voters in a recent Rasmussen poll said Putin was responsible for high inflation.

Even Democrats aren’t buying this pathetic attempt to pass the buck.

Former Barack Obama top strategist David Axelrod ripped Biden for pushing the “Putin price hike” excuse.

“People don’t believe that. They know that we had inflation before this. They know that gas prices were high before this. You can’t blame everything in the economy on Putin,” Axelrod said.

Even though it remains to be seen if Biden will continue to use the Putin excuse for inflation, it’s clear that no one is buying it anymore.

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