Joe Biden melted down over one question from Fox News over Russia

Joe Biden delivered another weak and tepid speech about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It turned into another fiasco when Biden began answering questions from reporters.

And Joe Biden melted down over one question from Fox News over Russia.

When Joe Biden ran for President, he falsely claimed Putin didn’t want him as Commander-in-Chief because he had Putin’s number from his time as Vice President.

That comment did not age well after Putin launched a ground invasion of Ukraine.

Last summer, Biden held a summit with Putin where he praised him as a “worthy adversary.”

“I have met with him. He’s bright. He’s tough,” Biden told reporters at the time of the summit. “And I have found that he is a, as they used to say when I used to play ball, a worthy adversary.”

Following Biden’s speech about the Russian invasion, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden if he “underestimated” Putin.

“Did you underestimate Putin and would you still describe him the way you did in the summer — as a ‘worthy adversary’?” Doocy asked Biden.

Biden refused to admit his mistake.

“I made it clear he was an adversary, and I said he was worthy. I didn’t underestimate him,” Biden responded.

After Doocy pressed Biden on that falsehood, Biden snapped back with another obviously false claim about how he read everything about Putin.

“I’m not being a wise guy,” Biden shot back. “You heard the speech he made, and almost an hour through his speech is why he was going to Ukraine. He has much larger ambitions than Ukraine. He wants to, in fact, reestablish the former Soviet Union. That is what this is about. And I think his ambitions are completely contrary to the place where the rest of the world has arrived.”

Joe Biden is now a proven incompetent in the area of foreign policy.

Biden masterminded the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, which many critics believe emboldened Putin to seize Ukraine.

Now Russia is attempting to reconstitute the old Soviet empire during Biden’s Presidency.

No American President – not even Jimmy Carter – oversaw so many catastrophic foreign policy embarrassments and failures as Joe Biden.

And the issue may not be so much that Biden underestimated Putin, but that Putin took the measure of Biden as weak and incompetent.

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