Joe Biden received one letter that just helped Tara Reade’s case

Tara Reade’s allegations that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her are growing more credible by the day.

And now the Biden campaign just got some more bad news.

Joe Biden received one letter that just helped Tara Reade’s case.

Tara Reade claimed she filed a complaint with the Senate about Joe Biden making her feel uncomfortable in 1993.

The behavior Reade said she described in the complaint fit the dictionary definition of sexual harassment.

The Biden campaign tried to make a big show of transparency by authorizing the National Archives to release any records of Reade’s complaint.

But that ended up a dud as the archives informed the Biden campaign that any record would have remained with the Senate.

That led to Biden writing a letter to the Secretary of the Senate requesting the release of any documentation pertaining to Reade’ complaint.

“We had understood that the Senate stores records from this office, and from this period, in the National Archives. The Archives now states that the records would have remained under the control of the Senate,” Biden’s letter read.

“Accordingly, I request that you take or direct whatever steps are necessary to establish the location of the records of this Office, and once they have been located, to direct a search for the alleged complaint and to make public the results of this search,” the former Vice President added. “I would ask that the public release include not only a complaint if one exists, but any and all other documents in the records that relate to the allegation.”

Julie Adams – legal counsel for the Secretary of the Senate stated that this office did not have the power to make any of these records public.

“Based on the law’s strict confidentiality requirements (Section 313) and the Senate’s own direction that disclosure of Senate Records is not authorized if prohibited by law (Senate Resolution 474, 96th Congress, Section 3(a)), Senate Legal Counsel advises that the Secretary has no discretion to disclose any such information as requested in Vice President Biden’s letter of May 1,” Adams responded.

Many Americans smelled a rat.

They know the Biden campaign has access to some of the best lawyers in D.C. who likely knew all of these rules and regulations before they drafted their letter.

It looked like Biden was putting on a show to distract from Reade’s allegations by getting everyone to focus on a fruitless chase over a piece of paper from 27 years ago.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Hey AMERICA !! Reguarding joe Biden ; if he can’t recite a complete sentence from a TelePrompTer how can he be trusted to recite the nuclear codes to a trident submarine in a burst transmission !!! Or give the codes to NORAD or the big shooters in Cheyenne mountain!!!
    I sure don ‘t trust the Georgia cow to help him !

  2. I think it is time for all politicians to stop wasting tax payers time & tell us what they plan to do to help legal Americans who pay their salary & details on how they plan to pay for any & all plans! All politicians need a lot of prayer. If they would humble themselves before God & do what is best for this country people would again have respect for our government!

  3. It is real simple. The dems hatred for our President wasn’t resolved by three years of wasted impeachment time, so they colluded withe the Chinese to unleash the Dragon, coved 19 on the earth to finish the job that they were trying for since Election Day 2016. Let the truth be told!

  4. Well inbreeding keeps the “blood pure” that way you don’t have fatal accidents like the birth of Barry “Shoe Shine” Bathhouse.

  5. Larry I thought that you might go to family reunions to meet women. Like some people say, the more the kin the deeper in.

  6. FluffyPillowFive: As I have said before – We will concede that The VP is indeed a groper the same day that you all concede that The President is a groper too! Is that hypocrisy? Maybe, but we learned that from the Master, President Trump!

  7. Scott27 : I don’t know if you can read or not but I wrote ‘great candidates’! And that was obviously sarcasm in the classic sense not in the President Trump sense meaning of the word which to him means – I am trying to back out of what I said and now people are laughing at me so please stop! ? Comprendes senor?

  8. Larry Kuhn : Never copped a feel with any sisters or cousins – And I was much too chicken to cop a feel till I was dating for like a month! Good times – The 70’s! I love the line from Bob Seger – “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then!”

  9. Larry sh!t for brains. Great candidate my a$$. There is little enthusiasm for Biden because the man is boring. His tiny rallies are boring. He can barely string coherent sentences together anymore, and doesn’t know where he is half the time or what office he’s running for. You do realize very few of the Bernie supporters will come out to vote for your clown don’t you?

  10. Larry don’t worry. You’ll get another chance to vote for a loser. Go to a retard joe rally when they start back and bend over. He likes to use his fingers Mabey he’ll have both hands on your shoulders.

  11. I think we all need to agree that neither side cares about sexual misconduct with their politicians, and neither side cares about lying with their politicians. Biden is as big liar as any. Biden is as big a liar as Trump or Bill Clinton, or Hillary, or even Obama.
    They are all liars. We should all agree on that. Democrats want to replace one liar with another liar, and democrats love to use sexual misconduct allegation against their political opponents but not use that same standard on themselves. That’s the difference.

  12. Vasu: Well said! President Trump’s modus operandi is to lie, and deflect blame and change the subject! An impartial person would obviously view President Trump’s past infidelities and assaults along with his attitude as referenced on national radio and tv when admitted that groping pusssies is acceptable. Biden’s attacker needs to be taken seriously, as well, but at least the former VP never made any statements condoning the grabbing or groping of pusssies, as President Trump did. And anybody with any shred of decency would certainly be upset if they heard somebody say that about their daughters, sisters or mothers. Even if it was said in a LOCKER ROOM! And people saying that it is acceptable to say, in a locker room or anywhere, are just as evil as he! Let’s call a spade a spade, so like I said earlier, if you’re gonna talk about one of our ‘great’ candidates as molesters, you’re ethically bound to talk about the other!

  13. Vasu it doesn’t matter what you think , all of you Communist liberals days are numbered . IT seems that your going to be joining them on there way down to HELL’S GATE . WHERE the Old Devil is awaiting your arrival , for selling your souls to him and it’s payback time . Crispy COMMUNIST Liberal Critters , is the special on the menu at HELL’S KICTCHEN !!

  14. Biden is guilty. Ive seen pictures of him kissing a woman and having his arm around one. This is not appropriate

  15. Julio: Liz’ reward is gonna be a personal visit from President Trump because he knows she deserves a good pusssy grabbing! Okay, just kidding!

  16. Blaine: sorry, not true. Most of PresidentTrump’s accusers say that his groupings/ touchings/ viewings were definitely unwanted and he admitted that he did many of them on air and on radio publicly. Kind of strange that he would advocate grabbing pusssies and then sick his dogs of war on a fellow ‘grabber’, don’t you think? Either way, what’s good for the Goose, is good for the gander! Both are wrong or neither is wrong. Let’s move on to both these old guys’ dementias and foibles – don’t think either actually should be President! President Obama or President Bush would be better than either of these! Just my opinion!

  17. The Democrats are trying to get Michelle Obama to run for V.P. under Biden or even President. Time will tell and May God Help us All! We will loose America as we know it.

  18. One of Trump’s exes said that he pulled her hair out and violated her? A woman said that stink finger joe violated her with his fingers. Do tell!!!! Now we need to give joe hell. Vasu and scott27 who’s lying?

  19. Hajji the Troll…Same crap over & over. Go make love to a Brahma bull, we don’t want you reproducing with anything that walks on two legs.

  20. Conservative media is conveniently ignoring similar accusations against Donald Trump. In 2016, evangelical leader Al Mohler refused to endorse Donald Trump, calling him a “sexual predator” and “the personification of what evangelicals have preached (and voted) against.”

    Conservative Christian Matt Walsh blogged about Trump in 2016:

    “He’s a serial adulterer who abandoned his family (twice) to shack up with younger women. His ex-wife once alleged that he ripped out chunks of her hair and violated her. We don’t even need to get into alleged ties to the mob or financial scams or his confession that he bribes politicians. He can’t speak semi-coherently about the Bible, he has no understanding of basic Christian teaching, he thinks Christianity does not require us to ask for forgiveness, and our relationship with Christ can be measured using polling data, but does he otherwise carry himself as anything resembling a Christian?

    “I see a guy who lies constantly and blatantly. I see a man who changes his positions and his principles at the drop of a hat. I see a deeply immature man who insults people on Twitter but lacks the courage to face them in person. I see someone who fashions himself ‘politically incorrect’ but is really just a cruel and bitter old man who thinks it’s funny to mock the disabled. I see a man with no honor who launches vulgar attacks on women and then lies about what he said. I see a phony who brazenly exploits the fears of the American public. I see a guy whose recklessness and greed drives his businesses into bankruptcy, and I see a guy who tries to silence journalists when they report on it. I see a guy who jazzes up the crowd at campaign rallies by bragging about his money and threatening to throw protesters out into the cold without their coats. And so on.”

    Conservative Christian pastor Max Lucado similarly commented on Trump in 2016:

    “He ridiculed a war hero. He made mockery of a reporter’s menstrual cycle. He made fun of a disabled reporter. He referred to the former first lady, Barbara Bush as ‘mommy,’ and belittled Jeb Bush for bringing her on the campaign trail. He routinely calls people ‘stupid,’ ‘loser,’ and ‘dummy.’”

    And the pastor wasn’t done there. He continued, “Such insensitivities wouldn’t even be acceptable even for a middle school student body election. But for the Oval Office? And to do so while brandishing a Bible and boasting of his Christian faith? I’m bewildered, both by his behavior and the public’s support of it.”

  21. Poor old Liz didn’t get her facts from anyone who knows about the Virus. She is getting the lies from MSNBC and CNN. She says Trump didn’t do anything when he found out about the Virus. Fact number one, The Democrat Commies were charging ahead with a phony impeachment that was keeping Trump busy running around covering up dog crap, that the Democrats were spreading around like Skunk Scent. Number 2, when Trump threw the Travel Ban on people coming into our Country, the Democrats were calling him a Racist and wanted his head on a Platter. $35 million dollars later, their phony Russia investigation came up dog poop too. What they did was, hired a bunch of Democrat Lawyers and paid them millions. That way their donors had millions to donate to them so they could buy their way back into our government. The idiots who believe the Democrats lies are sicko’s looking for Welfare because, they are too damn lazy to work for their living.

  22. Gloria n Liz , two vagina suit girls , that seem to have there zippers stuck together , ” Dumb n Dumber “

  23. Democrats know that Biden is a sick man. His inappropriate touching of children and women is visible in video clips. They also know that he has been falling deeper into senility for a while now and proof of that is also readily available on video. They don’t care…because they don’t intend for him to hold the WH for long. Pay close attention the party’s choice for his VP, because that is who will serve most of Biden’s term. I predict that if Biden does win the WH, he will step down for health reasons within six months of his inauguration and his VP will become our next president. It looks like that might be Elizabeth Warren, the left’s dream female liberal. They know she couldn’t win the presidency via election if she were the only candidate on the ballot! BUT they love her and know she will be quick to force every one of their nightmare programs on this country. So if putting Warren in the WH means living with Biden for six months or s, then that is what they will do!

  24. Larry nobody said that Trump did anything that was against anyone’s will. But with stink finger joe it’s a different story. So let’s find out why that pervert gets a pass and Trump gets nailed for joking around. And who knows? It might have been all talk. You democrats are only showing how two faced that you are. I say put stink finger through the hell that judge Kavanaha was put through. Make him sweat it out. Sexual assault is wrong and fishy joe needs to be held to the same standard. (Yeah right).

  25. We will concede that Vice President Biden groped/assaulted Ms. Reade just as long as you guys and gals concede that President Trump groped/assaulted at least as many young women! President Trump admitted on the radio that he took advantage of young women in his beauty pageants and also admitted on the record that he advocates grabbing women in their ‘pusssies’ (sorry, his word , not mine)! We can move on for both or delve into both, but we need a ‘quid pro quo’ here, you all should be quite familiar with that! PS Liz Whelan : Keep the faith – you’re gonna be rewarded!

  26. Liz Whelan, if you think Trump paid Tara to come forward with the rape allegation against Biden, maybe you can enlighten us all and tell us who paid for the women to come forward with rape allegations against Kavanaugh? Inquiring minds want to know.
    Did Pelosi do it? What about Adam Schiff? Or maybe it was James Comey? What do you think Liz ????? Tell us all.

  27. You liberals are going to learn your lesson the hard way , but we’ve all known that for a long time NOW HAVEN’T WE . Now the time is upon our great nation , that our forefathers knew would confront we the people , IN THE Land of the Free and Home of the Brave . The time is now to put a stop to this insane nonsense over in old DC . THE MEEK AREN’T GOING TO INHERIT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . ONLY THOSE WHO STAND UP FOR THERE FREEDOM N RIGHTS , WILL INHERIT MOTHER FREEDOM . GOD BLESS AMERICA N OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

  28. Liz Whelan, you are so dumbed down by your TDS hatred of Trump that you actually think he was involved in the rape allegation against Biden when it happened 27 years ago, was corroborated by two other witnessed, and backed up by a phone call on video to the Larry King show. Its astounding to me how TDS just sucks the intelligence right out of people’s heads. Or maybe you’ve always been dumb. Only you can answer that question.

  29. Liz you and Gloria go ahead and vote for stink finger. You two idiots are just as retarded as he is.

  30. Liz Whelan, choses to be an idiot. When someone points out the holes in her false post about Biden and sexual misconduct she just tries to change the subject to COVID 19.
    People like her are idiots, and prefer to live that way. They are blinded by hatred, and comfortable in their own stupidity, like mindless pack animals that follow each other.

  31. I’m no longer wasting my time with you Delusional Republicans. You are so blinded by this Orange Clown. He has done More Harassing of Women than Biden or any one else has done. He knew about this Virus since November & did Absolutely nothing. The Governors of the States stepped up & advised to quarantine ourselves, by closing schools, Restaurants, etc. trump never said anything. We were advised to wear masks, wash our hands, wear gloves by Our Governors, not trump. Thousands of people had lost their lives because of this Virus. I personally, lost 4 Very Dear Friends. People were advised to stay 6 feet apart(Social Distancing), not trump, he’s on TV, No Mask & all his minions are very close together. Common Sense isn’t in his Vocabulary. I’m not a follower, if a Decent Republican ran for president & I liked what he had to say, I would vote for him, even though I’m a Democrat. That’s my prerogative. This name calling is Disgraceful. I Never liked trump & I don’t have to like him or vote for him Ever. This Virus situation isn’t a Party Virus, it’s a People Virus. I’m done with all these nasty comments from people. We All have Freedom of Speech, even if trump doesn’t think so. Just wanted to say to you all, please Stay Safe from this Virus, it isn’t a joke.

  32. Liz Whelan, I don’t know you. I don’t even know if you are real. I do know that the comments you make are not supported by documented fact. It is irrelevant if you “trust” or not since the “verification” is there. Everything that President Trump has said and done regarding the Wuhan plague has demonstrated excellent leadership. When the dirty dems and their camp-following media sycophants tried to cause panic, Trump sought to reassure. When he closed off travel from China, he was excoriated. When he held briefings to keep the public informed, the so-called journalists used every word to try and demean him. Even this transfer of wealth — the “stimulous” — is being criticized. Do you not know that those who should not have gotten funding are being arm-twisted to give it back so that others — who really do need it — can keep their businesses going instesad of laying off workers. Your agenda is so poisonous that I’m surprised you haven’t killed yourself in an effort to blame THAT on President Trump.

  33. I doubt very much senator fishfinger couldever get enough votes to win….I suspect that soon he’ll drop out or dead and the demonrats will all rally behind Michelle Obummer or maybe Hillery or some other anti American, smiling, crooked, commie hiding behind “compassionate socializm” in order to ruin the country….NO Demorat is honest nor truely trying to do good for this country….So I say again.
    “Make America a Sh*tHole vote Democrat.

  34. All you fool who SUPPORT Democrat party stand up! Tell us how many POLITICAN in your party are know RAPIST? IN THE LAST TWENTY YEARS! Then tell us how they support WOMEN RIGHTS?

  35. Liz Whelan??? Where are you getting your hot air of lies? I just wanted to ask you a personal question. Tell me if you were better off under Obama and any President before Trump? Or if you love having all these government program giving you money for NOTHING? It seems like some people are just dumb! Or STUPID! I’m not sure which is you? You see people like you just don’t know or have a clue how this country is supposed to run! But you will destory it if you got the chance! BLAMING EVERYTHING ON TRUMP! WITHOUT ANY PROOF! Is the lies of the democrat party and phony leadership! I can school you all the way back to the time WHEN OUR CLOTHES WERE MADE IN AMERICA! Before the Democrat congress decided during CARTER TERMS to INCREASED TAXES ON THE COMPANY. Forcing them to find cheaper labor and less TAXES! EVEN TIL TODAY I can see how they are trying to DESTORY AMERICA WITHIN! Because they WANT TO CONTROL THE PEOPLE AND THE MONEY! That is why they want opened border.

  36. Liz Whelan, I dispute your statement that you are not an idiot. The executive branch (headed by Trump currently) does NOT do legislation. That is the job of the House and Senate to appropriate funds to help first responders. Second, as time goes on, everything Trump has said is being proven true. The Obama administration did SPY on his campaign illegally. There was NO collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russians. The collusion was between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the Russians. All of the “impeachment fiasco” has been a witch-hunt (proven last week) with the released new documents marked SCO (Special Council Office). Please, wise up! It is stooges like you who keep the corruption in Washington D.C. because you keep re-electing the dirty politicians. Stop that!

  37. Biden is as corrupt as any other Democrat. It is too bad their supporters are too ignorant to see it. The Democrats want nothing but power. They don’t care about their supporters or this country. I think if they were ever really investigated it would turn out they are all Traitors. If the people in the U.S.A. are stupid enough to vote for any Democrat the country as we know it will be no more. The Democrats are a Totalitarian, Communist party. The Democrats are too stupid to realize that it is the Democrats who pay people off to lie, not Trump or the Republicans. All they can see is that the Democrats promise the moon – the followers appear to believe that they can be lazy ignorant do nothings and live off the largese of the government. Wake up ignoramuses – take a good look at Cuba and Venezuela. Their corrupt leaders promised them the moon also, but what they got was garbage and political motivated killings. Wake up morons!

  38. Many people hate Trump but they also know Biden cannot handle being president with his current declining mental capacity. There is very low enthusiasm for Biden amongst the electorate, and most of the Bernie supporters won’t come out for Biden. It’s mostly only the TDS people that will vote for Biden because they have no other candidate but unfortunately that is not enough people to win. It’s also possible after seeing the democrat’s complete failure in the house to get anything meaningful accomplished after the last 4 years that the house could get flipped back to a republican majority, and maybe pick up a few more senates seats like in the last election. Only time will tell.

  39. Biden should be subjected to the same persecution suffered by Kavanaugh. Instead, due to Biden’s attractiveness clothed in weakness, he is upheld by Communist China who funds the fake media, advertisers, and, lobbyists, and consequently, he remains free from attacks. Unfair, but the underlying nemesis of corruption is clearly evident. Trump is the arch enemy to Communist China as he represents capitalism at it’s most powerful, successful, and, patriotic for America.

  40. WHAT I want is the list of payments made to women who filed suits against members of Congress… not who the payments were made to but HOW MUCH and the NAME they were made in behalf of. These were tax $$$ paid by me and you. WE the People have right to know
    where OUR tax $$$$ are spent.

  41. again, it does not matter if biden is a asshole or not. i hope everybody understands that no matter what whether it is good for nation, the media and the democrats hate President Trump, and they will go to the ends of the earth to take president trump down. all this crap, back and forth for over 4 yrs now, i never thought how much hate in this world until trump became president.

  42. Hi Liz

    Don’t worry all of these trumpards are mad and angry amid a great defeat in November. The orangevirus corrupt traitor in office will soon be left behind…#BIDEN November

  43. Meanwhile During the 5 Weeks of NO Q’s About Tara…I Have No Doubt, The DemonRATS Had Sent In and Gone Through Those Records And Pulled Out ANY Doc’s Pertaining to The Case.

  44. if the senate secretary refuses to release the public record on this pedophile; WE THE PEOPLE demand his file release as a precondition to run for the POTUS. FBI and AG Barr should be on this creep just as the FBI did to Brad Kav SCOTUS hearing

  45. Nothing happens by accident. All replies to the assault,are well thought out,& planned to make sure they go nowhere,& prove nothing. It’s painfully obvious,the democrat party will do whatever they can to keep Bidens misdeeds under the rug.

  46. Liz, you are a democrat puppet. Trump is doing an amazing job during this crises and you are just floundering. Trump doesn’t have to do anything to the Dems. They are stupid all on their own. Biden is a sick person and he needs to go down. Everything those stupid ass people throw at Trump is just making him and us stronger in the belief that they need to go get out of office.

  47. Liz you’re probably a bow wow. Nobody would give you a second look. And there’s no evidence that Trump did anything that was constitutional. Did any women ever say that he forced himself on them?

  48. Liz Whelen most presidents have nicknames. If Biden gets elected we could call him president stink finger. Or fish finger.

  49. Liz Whelan, what does the virus have to do with Joe Biden’s sexual misconduct?
    I still think you’re an idiot for trying to change the subject, and not knowing their is evidence to back up Tara’s allegation. Two corroborating witness, and the Larry King video. Obviously this thing actually happened, and obviously Trump had nothing to do with it. Your hatred of Trump is irrelevant, and only makes you look foolish in front of everyone else on this site.

  50. AMERICA FIRST. First off, I am not an Idiot. I don’t trust one word out of Trumps mouth. What has he done about this Virus that he’s known about since November,2019? Now, he’s saying that he’s not going to help all the Essential Workers(Nurses, Doctors, Police, Firemen, Small Business owners(Restaurants) & anyone else who has helped & given up their lives to help others. Do you really think trump cares? He doesn’t care, because he’s giving monies to Big Donors & Big Businesses instead. He could care less about the little & poorer people. I hope you stay safe & take care of yourself & your family, because trump sure isn’t.

  51. Liz Whelan, well you are truly an idiot then because there’s her mother’s phone call into the Larry King show 27 years ago on video. You think Trump had something to do with that call 27 years ago?
    Democrats are the dumbest crowd of people imaginable.

  52. I truly think that Trump paid off this Tara person to scandalize Joe Biden. What about Trumps Sexual Harassments? Biden in 2020. Time for Trump to Go. That’s my opinion.

  53. Of course Biden is putting on a show. Biden said he didn’t want anybody looking into his senate records because the other side could use it against him in the election.
    There’s a lot more dirt on Biden than this single allegation.
    Biden knew the letter was faux and wouldn’t go anywhere. He would have been told beforehand. In fact, I doubt he even wrote the letter himself.

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