Joe Biden received one letter that just helped Tara Reade’s case

Tara Reade’s allegations that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her are growing more credible by the day.

And now the Biden campaign just got some more bad news.

Joe Biden received one letter that just helped Tara Reade’s case.

Tara Reade claimed she filed a complaint with the Senate about Joe Biden making her feel uncomfortable in 1993.

The behavior Reade said she described in the complaint fit the dictionary definition of sexual harassment.

The Biden campaign tried to make a big show of transparency by authorizing the National Archives to release any records of Reade’s complaint.

But that ended up a dud as the archives informed the Biden campaign that any record would have remained with the Senate.

That led to Biden writing a letter to the Secretary of the Senate requesting the release of any documentation pertaining to Reade’ complaint.

“We had understood that the Senate stores records from this office, and from this period, in the National Archives. The Archives now states that the records would have remained under the control of the Senate,” Biden’s letter read.

“Accordingly, I request that you take or direct whatever steps are necessary to establish the location of the records of this Office, and once they have been located, to direct a search for the alleged complaint and to make public the results of this search,” the former Vice President added. “I would ask that the public release include not only a complaint if one exists, but any and all other documents in the records that relate to the allegation.”

Julie Adams – legal counsel for the Secretary of the Senate stated that this office did not have the power to make any of these records public.

“Based on the law’s strict confidentiality requirements (Section 313) and the Senate’s own direction that disclosure of Senate Records is not authorized if prohibited by law (Senate Resolution 474, 96th Congress, Section 3(a)), Senate Legal Counsel advises that the Secretary has no discretion to disclose any such information as requested in Vice President Biden’s letter of May 1,” Adams responded.

Many Americans smelled a rat.

They know the Biden campaign has access to some of the best lawyers in D.C. who likely knew all of these rules and regulations before they drafted their letter.

It looked like Biden was putting on a show to distract from Reade’s allegations by getting everyone to focus on a fruitless chase over a piece of paper from 27 years ago.

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