Joe Biden refused to say one word that will make your blood boil

Joe Biden is one of the most unpopular Presidents in American history.

Now Biden found a way to enrage the public even more.

And Joe Biden refused to say one word that will make your blood boil.

Joe Biden delivered his Christmas message to the nation.

In a video message to the American people, Biden spoke about the Christmas season without ever saying the word “Jesus.”

“How silently, how silently, the wondrous gift is given,” Biden stated.

Biden tried to dance around the reason for the season without offending his woke base by naming “Jesus” or saying the word “Christ.”

“We look to the sky to a lone star, shining brighter than all the rest guiding us to the birth of a child, a child that Christians believe to be the Son of God,” Biden added.

“That light is still with us, illuminating our way forward as Americans and citizens of the world, a light that burned at the beginning and at Bethlehem,” Biden continued.

Biden then pivoted to the country’s political divide by claiming Americans should use the Christmas holiday to unite as a nation and discontinue any harsh political rhetoric.

“I sincerely hope this holiday season will drain the poison that has infected our politics and set us against one another,” Biden stated.

Biden then resorted to a tired line from Barack Obama’s 2004 speech at the Democrat National Convention about how there were no Red or Blue teams in America.

“And look. Really look at each other. Not as Democrats or Republicans, not as members of team Red or team Blue, but as who we really are. Fellow Americans,” Biden declared.

“It might just be the best gift you can ever give,” Biden concluded.

Americans were gobsmacked by Biden – of all people – calling for an end to partisan polarization.

During the 2022 election, Biden delivered multiple speeches calling the Republican Party domestic extremists and enemies of the state.

Biden spoke in Philadelphia on September 1, where he was flanked by uniformed Marines to drive home the point that the military supported his call to crush Trump supporters.

Joe Biden not saying the word “Jesus” in his Christmas address and then trying to gaslight the public about his own role in the political divide is a perfect summation of why his approval rating is stuck at 43 percent.

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