Joe Biden sat in stunned silence after a Gold Star parent gave him this brutal reality check

Joe Biden thinks he’s a foreign policy expert.

But one of his failures caused immense suffering.

And Joe Biden sat in stunned silence after a Gold Star parent gave him this brutal reality check.

President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is one of the biggest foreign policy debacles in American history.

Biden fumbled the situation from beginning to end, creating chaos as the American presence pulled out of the country.

Tragically, 13 American soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport during the evacuation.

Darin Hoover’s son, Marine Staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover, was one of the American soldiers killed in the suicide bombing.

In a Fox News appearance, Darin Hoover slammed Joe Biden for not holding anyone in his regime accountable for their massive failures during the withdrawal.

“I’m infuriated that up to this point, nothing — no responsibility, no accountability has been taken for the, let’s face it, the botched way that this occurred,” Darin Hoover told Fox News host Sandra Smith. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Our granddaughter could have taken a crayon and a piece of paper and done a heck of a lot better job than three Generals with, and I’m spitballing here, combined 90 years or so of experience, that they couldn’t have done any better?”

Despite overseeing one of the biggest blunders in the country’s history, no senior regime figures were fired for their role in the debacle.

Instead, Joe Biden has tried to pin the blame elsewhere.

“Our kids, those Marines, the Army, they were all put in an untenable situation through the administration, through the State Department, and there’s no excuse for it. There’s none whatsoever, and we’ve got — we’ve gotten nothing,” Hoover said.

“We’ve gotten nothing out of the people in charge, and it’s just — it’s so frustrating and infuriating, and I just…there’s no words for me at this point to explain how upset I am that we lost all of those precious souls. Do we know that they signed up for that? Yeah, we do, that is a possibility, but when it happens in an evacuation time and to have it happen in the manner that it did, there’s — there’s just no — there’s no words,” Hoover concluded.

Joe Biden’s lack of planning and preparation created the chaotic situation at the Kabul Airport.

Warnings from intelligence officials about the potential for rapid collapse of the Afghan government were ignored.

Now America is suffering from the loss of brave soldiers and humiliation on the world stage because of Joe Biden’s catastrophic failures.

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