Joe Biden sat in stunned silence after one scandal broke that could cost him everything

Screenshot via YouTube, GOP War Room

Joe Biden thought he was out of the woods on his growing scandals.

Then everything came crashing down with one court case.

And Joe Biden sat in stunned silence after one scandal broke that could cost him everything.

The focus on the Biden Crime Family’s corruption has been centered on Hunter Biden.

But President Joe Biden’s younger brother, James, was also involved in the family’s influence-peddling operation.

Now, the spotlight is finally on James Biden after a bombshell affidavit from a lawsuit was obtained by the Daily Mail.

In 2012, James Biden used “his position and relationship” with his older brother, then Vice President Joe Biden, to negotiate a $140 million business deal between an American construction company and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Construction company Hill International was in a dispute over $140 million that the Saudi government owed them for work dating back to the 1980s on desalination plants in the country.

James Biden was brought in to help negotiate a settlement in the dispute.

An affidavit was filed in court between Hill International and the law firms the company used to help retrieve its money from the Saudis.

The law firm, Lankford & Reed, claims that Hill hired James Biden to cut a secret deal with the Saudis to avoid paying the firm’s 40% fee outlined in their contract.

Lankford hired former Treasury Department official Thomas Sullivan who was working as a private investigator to interview James Biden as part of their dispute with Hill.

In a sworn affidavit, Sullivan went on record about what James Biden told him during their interview.

Sullivan said that James told him that he was hired to handle “business development” for Hill and was given their Saudi Arabian portfolio.

The President’s brother told Sullivan that he represented Hill in high-profile meetings “because, of course, the name didn’t hurt.”

“I asked specifically if he had attended a meeting with the Saudi Ministry of Trade in mid-February 2012 to receive the final payment for the work Hill had performed. He answered that, to the best of his memory, he had been at such a meeting, and that the reason he had attended was ‘because of his position and relationship’ with his brother,” Sullivan said.

James Biden’s wife, Sara, told Sullivan that her husband and Joe “told each other everything.”

Lankford & Reed partner Thomas Lankford said that Hill backed out of the deal tentatively brokered by his firm with the Saudis after James Biden met with them.

Thomas Lankford said in a separate affidavit that Hill International CEO Irvin Richter told him that James Biden was hired because the Saudis “would not dare stiff the brother of the Vice President who would be instrumental to the deal.”

James Biden told Sullivan that he negotiated a deal with the Saudis for cash and future projects in the country.

After doing virtually no business in Saudi Arabia, Hill secured $358 million in contracts over the next decade in the country after James Biden’s hire.

James Biden’s once-secret Saudi deal will be another major problem for the Biden Crime Family.

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