Joe Biden screamed in rage at these chilling poll numbers

Joe Biden and his handlers expected the 2024 election to be turning in his favor by this point.

That proved to be a bad bet.

And Joe Biden screamed in rage at these chilling poll numbers.

Swing state polls show momentum for Donald Trump 

DeSantis campaign pollster Ryan Tyson’s firm, P2/Insights, was out with a new batch of swing state polls from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

These polls found that not only did Trump lead in all five states, but that Trump grew his advantage in four of them.

The accompanying polling memo found that Trump’s big advantage over Biden was that a majority of voters in all five states agree that the economy was better under Trump.

60 percent of all swing state voters also believe Biden is too old to be an effective President.

The state of the race 

Media outlets keep saying the race is a toss up because the national polls show a narrow Trump lead.

RealClearPolitics finds Trump with a 1.5 percent advantage in the national polls.

But as election analyst Nate Silver wrote in a substack article entitled, “The presidential election isn’t a toss-up,” Trump’s advantage is actually far bigger.

Trump’s lead in sunbelt swing states like Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada is actually quite healthy.

Silver wrote that Trump’s lead over Biden in the Sunbelt states is such that it would take outside the normal realm of a polling error for Biden to win them.

“This is the most important complication: if Biden loses Georgia, Arizona and Nevada — and he trails badly in each — he’ll need to win all three of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and not just one of them. Even though these states are pretty heavily correlated, they aren’t perfectly correlated. Winning several different correlated bets is still hard,” Silver began.

Citing swing state polls like those from P2/Insights, Silver wrote that Biden’s path to the 270 Electoral College votes is actually quite narrow.

“And these states do have some differences with one another: Wisconsin is more rural, for instance, and Michigan has the largest Arab/Muslim/Palestinian population. In our simulations, Biden wins at least one of these states 54 percent of the time. But he wins all three of them in only 32 percent of simulations. This is the sort of precision that a model can provide that your intuition really can’t,” Silver continued.

And Silver noted that polls show a tossup race in traditionally blue states like Virginia and Minnesota.

The race is close.

Trump’s lead in the big three Midwest States – Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – is inside the margin of error.

But the advantage clearly rests with Trump right now.

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