Joe Biden slammed his fist in rage after he got this devastating news about electric vehicles

Joe Biden is watching his electric vehicle revolution head straight into a ditch. 

Now he’s facing a setback that is going to keep him awake at night. 

And Joe Biden slammed his fist in rage after he got this devastating news about electric vehicles.

Public charging stations for electric vehicles are plagued with problems 

The biggest obstacle to the mass adoption of electric vehicles is the lack of reliable public charging stations.

A lack of public charging confines them to being grocery getters that can only be used to run short errands.

The Biden administration and the private sector have been trying to build a nationwide network of public charging stations.

But a study from the famed Harvard Business School found that public charging stations have a lot of problems.

Harvard Business School used artificial intelligence (AI) to comb through more than one million public reviews of public charging stations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

This deep dive found that about 20% of the time public charging stations aren’t working.

And that vast regions of the United States are “charging deserts” from a lack of public charging.

“Among other things, the deep dive into tomorrow’s gas station network estimates that drivers can successfully recharge their cars using non-residential EV equipment only 78% of the time, highlighting critical issues with reliability,” the Harvard Business School article states. 

The study confirmed the impracticality of these Bidenmobiles for regular use.

Drivers have to jump through hoops just to be able to do things they take for granted in a gasoline-powered vehicle. 

“The research proves that frustration extends beyond ‘range anxiety,’ the common fear that EV batteries won’t maintain enough charge to reach a destination,” the Harvard Business School article added.

Imagine showing up at gas stations that didn’t work on a road trip

The problems with public charging and range are becoming a major roadblock to getting drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

A consumer is expected to pay more money for a vehicle that’s going to give them more headaches.

Harvard Business School fellow Omar Asensio – who led the study – explained the challenge that electric vehicle supporters are facing.

“Imagine if you go to a traditional gas station and two out of 10 times the pumps are out of order,” Asensio said. “Consumers would revolt.”

Asensio admitted that he couldn’t even get his mother to buy an electric vehicle.

“It’s different than what any one company or network would want you to believe,” Asensio said. “I couldn’t even convince my mother to buy an EV recently. Her decision wasn’t about the price. She said charging isn’t convenient enough yet to justify learning an entirely new way of driving.”

President Joe Biden set a goal of building 500,000 public charging stations by 2030.

A $7.5 billion grant from the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill has only built seven public charging stations.

The Biden administration has ambitious plans to force drivers into Bidenmobiles.

But this scheme is going to fail to get off the ground because of government incompetence. 

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