Joe Biden slammed his fist in rage when green energy got dealt this surprising setback

Green energy is being sold as the cutting-edge technology that will power the future.

But it’s still dependent on the whims of Mother Nature. 

And Joe Biden slammed his first in rage when green energy got dealt this surprising setback.

Solar energy is touted as the environmentally-friendly solution to the country’s energy needs.

But a major hail storm in Texas proved that solar has more downsides than its supporters let on.

A hail storm devastates Texas solar farm 

Solar panels are sitting ducks in a major hail storm.

Fighting Jays Solar Farm in Fort Bend County outside of Houston suffered significant damage after a storm pounded it with golf ball-sized hail. 

Aerial footage showed thousands of solar panels damaged on the 3,000-acre farm. 

Local resident Nick Kaminski told ABC 13 Houston that the wind from the storm took the roof of his house before the hail started coming down.

“The hailstorm we experienced Saturday morning was unimaginable,” Kaminski said “We’ve never seen anything like it in our lifetime.”

Emily Matthews, a spokeswoman for Representative Troy Nehls (R-TX) – who represents the area in Congress – said that incident was a warning sign about relying upon solar power.

“As far as solar farms being damaged where hail and tornadoes are common, those companies knowingly run the risk of building solar panel farms in these areas,” Matthews told Fox News Digital. “Events like this underscore the importance of having an all-of-the-above energy approach to meet our energy needs and showcase how our country cannot solely rely on or fully transition to renewable energy sources like this.”

Danger from potential chemicals in solar panels

Kaminski was concerned that chemicals like cadmium telluride from the damaged solar panels could leak into the groundwater.

“My concern is the hail damage that came through and busted these panels – we now have some highly toxic chemicals that could be potentially leaking into our water tables,” Kaminski said. “I have a family — two children and a wife. My neighbors have kids and a lot of other residents in the area who are on well water are concerned that the chemicals are now leaking into our water tables.”

The Fort Bend County Environmental Health Department and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality are looking into the incident to determine if any chemical contamination occurred.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners – a Danish firm that is the parent company for Solar Jays – denied that the damaged solar panels posed any risk to the area.

Power the Future executive director Daniel Turner said that the incident reveals the danger of President Joe Biden’s rush to switch the country to green energy.

“There’s this enormous shell game happening by the Biden administration, by the environmental left, presenting wind and solar as perfectly green, clean, and carbon-neutral,” Turner told Fox News Digital. “They use all of these buzzwords. But they’re none of that and they also have enormous drawbacks. And it’s doing the American people a great disservice to obfuscate these very obvious shortcomings.”

Solar energy is an unreliable source of power that depends on nature’s cooperation.

And Mother Nature isn’t always so cooperative.

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