Joe Biden stood in front of a crowd and did the one thing that terrified every Democrat

Democrats believe Joe Biden’s lead in the polls is such that only crucial mistakes by the former Vice President can let Donald Trump back into the race.

But the Left just got some bad news.

And that’s because Joe Biden stood in front of a crowd and did the one thing that terrified every Democrat.

Joe Biden is one of the most gaffe-prone candidates in the history of American politics.

Biden’s embarrassing conduct has only gotten worse as his cognitive functions clearly decline.

Polls show a significant number of Americans believe Biden suffers from early onset dementia.

While Biden claims his mental faculties are in good shape, a disturbing video of Biden on the campaign trail surfaced on Tuesday.

Biden ventured out of his Delaware basement for a rare public appearance.

It did not go well.

Biden strode up to the podium and did not even know where he was speaking by misidentifying the building the event was held at.

Biden’s maintained a lead in the polls because his campaign stashed him away in his basement and allowed the focus to remain on President Trump and the Fake News Media’s relentless campaign of lies about his administration’s coronavirus response.

But Biden often has no idea where he is and routinely forgets names, dates, and even who is the current head of state in key countries like Great Britain.

The more Biden ventures out of his basement and is forced to speak in public the more the American people will see that he is not up for the job because of his cognitive decline.

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