Joe Biden suffered a setback at the Supreme Court that may cost him one major swing state

Joe Biden has a backup plan in place to swipe the Presidency.

That scheme just collapsed.

And that’s because Joe Biden suffered a setback at the Supreme Court that may cost him one major swing state.

On Monday, the Supreme Court handed down a five to three ruling overturning a lower court’s decision allowing a six day extension to count ballots in Wisconsin.

Chief Justice John Roberts surprisingly sided with the court’s four other conservatives in rejecting the lower court ruling because Roberts argued that federal courts had no business rewriting state election law.

Roberts argued that the Supreme Court ruling “implicated the authority of state courts to apply their own constitutions to election regulations.”

Chief Justice Roberts – however – still made sure to keep liberal happy by noting that the Supreme Court allowed Pennsylvania’s extended vote counting to stand because that was a decision by the state courts as opposed to a federal judge.

“Different bodies of law and different precedents govern these two situations and require, in these particular circumstances, that we allow the modification of election rules in Pennsylvania but not Wisconsin,” Roberts added.

Roberts argued that the lower federal court ruling imposed “federal intrusion on state lawmaking processes.”

Democrats hoped that in a close election, allowing ballots to count that came in after Election Day would swing the Presidency from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

But the Supreme Court stepped in and stopped the scheme to flip the election in Wisconsin.

These decisions also show why it was so important that the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett.

Now that the Supreme Court has a full complement of nine justices, the court won’t be deadlocked on any key election law cases.

And that is bad news for Joe Biden’s plan to tip the election in his favor by extending the vote counting process so ballots that arrive after Election Day can be tallied.

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