Joe Biden threw in the towel to Donald Trump. Here is who immediately called him out.

Democrats got some bad news.

They thought they were all set to wipe Donald Trump’s legacy away.

Joe Biden threw in the towel to Donald Trump, and you’ll never guess who immediately called him out.

During the campaign, Joe Biden promised that on “day one” he would eliminate Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols that kept asylum seekers in Mexico and drastically curtailed the “catch and release” scheme that would turn illegal aliens loose in the interior of the country while they spent years awaiting their asylum hearing.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden retreated from that pledge and conceded defeat.

“The timeline is to do it so that we, in fact, make it better not worse,” Biden stated.

“I will do what I said. It’s going to take — not Day 1 — it’s going to take probably the next six months to put that in place.”

Biden knew an invitation to open the border would lead to a surge in illegal border crossings – already the number of illegal aliens trying to sneak into the country is on the rise because illegal aliens perceive amnesty is on the way – which would create a political crisis right off the bat for his potential Presidency.

Socialists who put aside their policy differences during the campaign were outraged.

Ilhan Omar blasted Biden for running a “bait and switch” scam on the Democrat Party.

“This is a classic bait and switch,” Omar fumed.

“It perpetuates Trump’s dehumanization of migrants and breaks a core campaign promise. Democrats lose big when administrations won’t fulfill their promise. I urge the Biden transition team to reconsider this position.”

There is no issue more important to Democrats than amnesty.

Socialists like Omar drool over the possibility of what adding 20 million new Democrat voters to the rolls would do to the country.

They know it would guarantee Democrats win elections in perpetuity.

If Omar and her allies think Joe Biden is already selling them out, it could ignite a civil war in the Democrat Party should Joe Biden become President.

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