Joe Biden turned as pale as a ghost after he saw this painful reality about electric vehicles

Joe Biden was aiming for a sweeping overhaul of the country’s transportation sector.

Now his plan to mandate that everything on four wheels be electric is running into a roadblock. 

And Joe Biden turned as pale as a ghost after he saw this painful reality about electric vehicles.

President Joe Biden has an ambitious plan to force electric vehicles on everyone by creating a de facto ban on gasoline-powered vehicles with strict tailpipe emission standards.

And semi-trucks, which are the backbone of the logistics industry that moves goods around the country, are in his crosshairs.

But a new study revealed that this scheme is just another green pipe dream.

Electric semi-trucks could cost the country a fortune

International consulting group Roland Berger released a study that found it would cost more than $1 trillion to electrify the trucking industry.

And that staggering figure would only be for building the charging station infrastructure needed to support electric trucks.

Trucking companies and the owners of charging stations would need to plow $620 billion into infrastructure for charging stations like chargers, site infrastructure, and utility service costs.

For the on-site charging stations, trucking companies would need to invest nearly $500 billion.

Charging stations for semi-trucks will cost about $145,000 per truck while medium-duty trucks will cost $54,000 for a station.

To support the massive amount of electricity needed for these new charging stations, the Roland Berger study found that utility companies would need to spend $370 billion upgrading their electrical grids.

And that figure would be equivalent to the amount that was spent on the electric grid improvements over the last 15 years.

Making the trucking industry electric would cost more than the budget of Canada for an entire year.

To support long-haul trucking an additional $57 billion would be needed for more charging stations along highways.

Electric trucking impossible to achieve

These steep costs led the study to recommend alternative ways to cut carb emissions in trucking.

“Given the significant (and in some cases, prohibitive) investments required for electrification, there may be greater value in being open to alternative decarbonization routes, as opposed to being prescriptive on technology,” the Roland Berger study stated.

And this plan wouldn’t even be feasible after the bloated costs because the country wouldn’t be able to produce enough electricity to power that many trucks.

A 2022 American Research Institute study found that switching freight trucks to electric would require 14% of the electricity produced in the country.

With passenger vehicles becoming electric under Biden’s plan, that figure could jump as high as 40%.

Trucking moves more than 70% of the country’s freight by weight.

That’s why driving up costs for the industry going electric would lead to higher prices which would be passed on to consumers.

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