Joe Biden turned red with rage after a Fox News Channel host pointed out this major failure

Joe Biden’s regime is a disaster of epic proportions.

He’s devastated the country in record time with his blunders.

And Joe Biden turned red with rage after a Fox News Channel host pointed out this major failure.

Joe Biden was handed an economic recovery from the pandemic by President Trump when he came into office.

But in less than two years, the economy is in worse shape than it’s been since Jimmy Carter’s failed Presidency.

But with the release of the latest GDP numbers showing a second consecutive quarter of negative economic growth, the Biden recession is officially here.

The strong economy created by President Trump has officially been ruined by Biden’s incompetence and socialist policies.

Fox News Channel’s Steve Hilton was taken aback by the economic destruction Joe Biden caused in such a short amount of time.

On his show, The Next Revolution, Hilton said the carnage created by Joe Biden is “genuinely astounding.”

“Just out of interest, I went back and read Biden’s inaugural address again, and I noticed something amazing,” Hilton said. “Not the endless disingenuous policies about unity, but the fact he barely even talks about the economy.”

“It’s hardly mentioned and now we know why,” Hilton continued. “Because Biden’s actual economic plan now coming into full horrific view was this: how quickly and how comprehensively can we take a strong growing economy and turn it into a weak, shrinking, stagnant one? And the answer is, pretty damn quickly.”

The economic growth from the end of 2021 dropped from 6.9% to negative over the past year as the full weight of Biden’s economic policies went into effect.

“Revised GDP numbers show the economy shrank at an even faster rate than previously reported during the first quarter, and now it is down again,” Hilton said. “So that does mean we’re in a recession.”

Despite Biden’s best efforts to redefine the word recession, the long-standing technical definition has been two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.

“The rate at which this Biden regime has driven our economy into the ground is actually genuinely astounding,” Hilton exclaimed. “It was only just a few years ago with Trump that we had the best economy for half a century.”

“Blue collar boom, the lowest unemployment levels we’ve ever seen, especially for women, Black people, and Latinos,” Hilton added.

Under Joe Biden, the economy still hasn’t recovered the jobs that were lost during the pandemic.

“But now look, we went from becoming a net energy exporter to waging a self-defeating war on energy… we went from affordable gas prices to the highest average cost per gallon on record, from pro-growth to anti-growth, pro-America to anti-America. This is Biden’s mad agenda and this is Biden’s avoidable recession,” Hilton concluded.

With the country entering a recession, there’s more economic pain on the way from Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency.

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