Joe Biden turned red with rage after Democrats gave him this shocking message

Joe Biden’s regime is on the verge of collapse.

Democrats are terrified he’ll sink the entire Party.

And Joe Biden turned red with rage after Democrats gave him this shocking message.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a historic disaster, leaving the country in crisis.

Biden’s problems are piling up with no end in sight.

After running the country into the ground, his approval rating cratered to near historic lows for a modern President.

But the worst could be coming as the economy teeters on the verge of a recession.

Biden is in clear mental decline.

It’s gotten so bad that White House staff print out basic instructions for Biden to carry in his pocket, such as “say hello, then take your seat.”

Given how horrible the Biden Presidency is going along with his advanced age, the whisper campaign about whether he’ll run again is growing.

Even though Biden has repeatedly said he’s going to seek a second term, doubts are growing in the Democrat Party.

His usual allies in the corporate-controlled media have also begun to openly speculate about who could replace him for 2024.

And top Democrat politicians have refused to endorse a second Biden term.

When asked about backing Biden for 2024 during an interview with CNN, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “should he run again, I think that I – you know, I think it’s – it’s, we’ll take a look at it.”

Only 5 out of 50 Democrat Senators endorsed a Biden 2024 bid when asked by a journalist, with some long-time former Senate colleagues staying mum.

Chuck Schumer said, “If he runs, I’m for him,” which is hardly a vote of confidence.

More than half of Democrats in recent polls say either they don’t want him to run again or that they aren’t sure about it.

Biden and his team are furious that Democrats are looking at pulling the plug on him for 2024.

The Daily Mail reported Biden and his top aides are “irritated” by the “cold reception” his re-election bid has received from Democrats and the corporate-controlled media.

Biden and his aides consider this cold shoulder from Democrats a “lack of respect.”

Anonymous sources say that Biden thinks this is similar to the 2020 Democratic Primary when was counted out for being too old to win the nomination.

Biden adviser Cedric Richmond said, “too many people in our Party look at the glass as half-empty as opposed to the glass as half-full.”

Richmond accused Biden critics of “putting too much into these polling numbers.”

He accused rival Democrats of fueling this speculation, saying “a wing in our Party wanted a different candidate and I’m sure they’d love to have their candidate back in the mix again.”

With Biden helplessly watching with no answers for the problems facing the country, speculation about his future will only grow.

A rout by the GOP in the Midterm elections would only fuel doubt about whether Biden is the right pick for 2024.

The intensifying skepticism from Democrats about 2024 is a problem that isn’t going away for Joe Biden.

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