Joe Biden turned red with rage after MSNBC said these three words

Joe Biden is a thin-skinned politician who hates criticism.

He thought the corporate-controlled media had his back.

But Joe Biden turned red with rage after MSNBC said these three words.

After he dismantled President Trump’s successful border security policies, Joe Biden unleashed the worst border crisis in the country’s history.

Every month, the situation gets worse, as the country is seeing record levels of illegal aliens and drugs flood across the wide-open southern border.

The situation is getting so bad that vulnerable Democrats are starting to sound like President Trump on securing the border.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is one of the most deranged Trump haters in the corporate-controlled media.

But he just put jaws on the floor when he admitted that Trump was right about the border.

“Democrats in Washington don’t like to talk about it. Democrats on Twitter don’t like to talk about it. So they just pretend it’s not there and that it doesn’t upset Americans,” Scarborough said. “But crime, these illegal crossings at the border, I mean, it’s not like Donald Trump, who made stuff up when he came in 2016, illegal border crossings were at a 50-year low after eight years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.”

Hearing that Donald Trump was right about border security was a startling revelation to the handful of viewers watching Scarborough’s low-rated show.

A puzzled Scarborough asked Axios CEO Jim Vandehei why Biden is bumbling the border crisis.

“This is real. The numbers keep spiking. More people keep coming. Joe Biden wants to get rid of a rule that provides some relief for border agents. But why is the White House so completely lost on this issue?” Scarborough asked.

“There is a wing of the Party that – remember, go back a year or two, there was talk of should we push open borders and have a lax border policy? They feel they’re caught in a vice,” Vandehei replied.

Biden threw his lot in with the open border radicals by promising any illegal alien who made it into the country everything under the sun.

“What you said is real. We’ve done a lot of reporting of the different warnings we’re hearing from Homeland Security that the crisis at the border could get even worse,” Vandehei added.

When a deranged Joe Scarborough is admitting his policies worked, Donald Trump is completely vindicated for his strong stance on border security.

The border catastrophe is a major political liability for Democrats heading into the Midterm elections.

But Vandehei had even more bad news for Democrats on the border crisis.

He explained that Biden was ignoring members of his own regime who said the border is in crisis, making Democrats look like they don’t care about law and order.

This lawlessness embraced by Biden is driving Hispanics in Texas to vote Republican for the first time ever.

Joe Biden’s border catastrophe is so bad that it’s forcing MSNBC to admit that Trump was right about the border.

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