Joe Biden turned red with rage when Democrats gave him this brutal rejection

Photo by President Joe Biden via Wikimedia, open source

Joe Biden’s problems are growing by the day as his reelection campaign ramps up.

His own party is fed up with one of his biggest failures.

And Joe Biden turned red with rage when Democrats gave him this brutal rejection.

The economy is a five-alarm fire for President Joe Biden heading into the 2024 Election.

Lingering inflation, rising interest rates, and sluggish economic growth under his regime have taken a serious toll on the public.

Biden is using the slogan “Bidenomics” to sell his economic agenda to voters on the campaign trail.

Ronald Reagan famously asked voters during the 1980 Presidential election to consider if they were better off now than four years ago under former President Jimmy Carter before his resounding victory.

Now Americans are telling Biden loud and clear that they’re worse off during his economy according to a new poll.

A Financial Times/University of Michigan poll found that even an overwhelming majority of Democrats say that they’re worse off financially under Biden.

Only 24% of Democrats surveyed said that their financial situation improved after Biden took office while 31% of Democrats said that they were somewhat or much worse off under him.

The picture with everyone included was even bleaker for the President about the economy.

70% of voters thought that Biden’s economic agenda had hurt the economy or didn’t make an impact while 33% said that his policies “hurt the economy a lot.”

Inflation remains the biggest issue for voters according to the poll.

82% of voters said that rising prices were their biggest source of financial stress while 75% said that price increases posed the biggest risk to the economy over the next six months.

“Every group — Democrats, Republicans, and independents — list rising prices as by far the biggest economic threat . . . and the biggest source of financial stress,” University of Michigan business professor Erick Gordon told the Financial Times. “That is bad news for Biden, and the more so considering how little he can do to reverse the perception of prices before election day.”

The same poll was conducted under former President Donald Trump in 2019 and found voters were more upbeat about the economy under him.

After voters, including Democrats, rejected Biden’s dismal economic record, the Democrat Party continued to tout “Bidenomics.”

The Democrat Party’s official account on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, pointed to job gains under Biden as proof of “Bidenomics at work.”

What the account failed to mention is that virtually all of the gains under Biden were jobs coming back after the pandemic and an increase in part-time work.

Joe Biden is presiding over a dismal economy that will be an albatross around his neck when he faces the voters for reelection next year.