Joe Biden turned red with rage when drivers gave him this bad news about electric vehicles

Joe Biden boasted that the future of the automotive industry was electric. 

Now his electric vehicle revolution is on thin ice. 

And Joe Biden turned red with rage when drivers gave him this bad news about electric vehicles.

The public doesn’t want to be forced to drive an electric vehicle

President Joe Biden has made transitioning the country to electric vehicles a centerpiece of his Green New Deal agenda.

He’s become the salesman-in-chief for electric vehicles by constantly pushing them on the public.  

And most of the automotive industry fell in line with his agenda.

Biden gave automakers tens of billions of dollars in subsidies to boost electric vehicles and a $7,500 tax credit for buyers.

But the most important people in the equation, drivers, don’t want to make the switch to these expensive and impractical Bidenmobiles.

A new AP-NORC/EPIC poll found that only 9% of Americans or someone in their household owns or leases an electric vehicle.

Only 21% of Americans say they are “very” or “extremely” likely to buy or lease an electric vehicle for their next car.

The relentless push from Democrats and their media allies on the public to switch to electric flopped. 

Cincinnati, Ohio, resident Caleb Jud told the Associated Press that he was worried about an electric vehicle not running in cold weather.

“The thought of getting stuck in the driveway with an EV that won’t run is worrisome, and I know it wouldn’t be an issue with a plug-in hybrid,” Jud said.

Cold weather can sap the range of an electric vehicle or even stop it from running because the temperature affects the chemical reactions in the battery.

Problems with electric vehicles keep drivers away 

One of the biggest problems with electric vehicles is their range.

Nearly half of adults in the AP-NORC/EPIC poll said that concerns about range were a reason not to buy an electric vehicle.

Charging is another major roadblock to the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

40% said that long charging times or the lack of public charging stations were reasons not to buy them.

Biden allocated $7.5 billion from his 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill to build public charging stations.

Only seven have been built with that money after three years.

Almost 60% of Americans in the poll cited the cost of an electric vehicle as why they wouldn’t buy one.

The average price for one is significantly higher than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. 

And going electric requires installing a charger at home, which is another added expense.

Living in an apartment or condominium could leave some out of luck if they wanted to put one in.

Automakers are scaling back their electric vehicle goals after weak consumer demand.

Biden tried the carrot approach with tax credits and propaganda, but that didn’t work.

Now he’s going to use the stick. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new tailpipe emission rule that will require two-thirds of new vehicles sold to be electric by 2032.

Joe Biden can’t find drivers willing to make the switch, so he’s going to try and force them to do it.

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