Joe Biden wants this smoking gun video proving his corruption removed from the Internet

Joe Biden has been in politics for decades.

So there are a lot of things he is trying to keep secret from his long career.

And he wants this smoking gun video proving his corruption removed from the Internet.

If you thought Hillary Clinton was crooked, evidence continues to come out about Joe Bident that makes her look like a saint in comparison.

First was the evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop showing that the Biden family used the Vice Presidency as a money making scheme, raking in millions essentially selling access to the Vice President.

Hunter Biden in particular used his father’s position to rake in the cash.

He scored a job paying $180,000 a month with a Ukrainian energy company, which is an industry he had no experience in.

While Hunter Biden was raking in that money, Vice President Biden was handling U.S. relations with Ukraine.

And a video from 2015 shows him talking directly to the elites of Ukraine, including the infamously corrupt former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, “You can pay me now or pay me later.”

Again, this is while his son was raking in millions a year from a Ukrainian energy company.

“If you do what I believe you will, your country will owe you, Europe will owe you, and we will owe you,” Biden said. “Because the cumulative impact of Ukraine, economically secure and sound, will have a profound impact. The ambassador has heard me say many times when I’ve pushed for these loan guarantees, it’s a matter of pay me now or pay me later. A matter of pay me now or pay me later. So folks, all of you in this room, the business elite of this country have an opportunity, which is the only basis on which you should make a decision.”

Needless to say, Joe Biden isn’t happy that this video is surfacing.

He is trying to paint himself as the likable, trustworthy alternative to President Trump.

At the last presidential debate he even tried and failed to turn the corruption allegations on Trump.

He hit the president on a “secret” bank account in China, despite the fact that the account was never secret, and was shut down before he ran for President.

In contrast, Joe Biden and his family were bringing in money around the world, including in China while he was Vice President.

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