Joe Biden was at a loss for words when he got his hands on this shocking new 2020 poll

Joe Biden and his allies in the Fake News Media thought the 2020 election was a coronation for the Democrats.

But they just got some bad news.

And Joe Biden was at a loss for words when he got his hands on this shocking new 2020 poll.

The idea that Joe Biden would coast to victory in November went down in flames on Tuesday when a brand new CNBC/Change Research Poll found Donald Trump leading Joe Biden 48 to 47 in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – the six key battleground states that will decide the 2020 Presidential election.

CNBC exclusively reported:

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are locked in a tight race in six states that will shape who wins the White House in November, a new poll released Wednesday found.

The Republican incumbent and apparent Democratic nominee are virtually tied in the battlegrounds of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to States of Play, a joint CNBC/Change Research survey of swing states. Trump edges Biden by a 48% to 47% margin across those states, the poll found.

The polls internal numbers hint as to why President Trump is narrowly leading Joe Biden.

Restarting the economy after the deep freeze government-imposed lockdowns will be the next big challenge facing the President.

And on economic questions Donald Trump leads Joe Biden.

CNBC reports the polls shows:

The economy: 52% Trump to 48% Biden
Creating jobs: 51% Trump to 49% Biden
Helping your pocketbook: 51% Trump to 49% Biden
The stock market: 57% Trump to 43% Biden

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I am afraid for our United States of America. Having Obama as President for 8 freaking years did our country the most harm. That’s why you have a Muslim like that Somalian Omar in the House of Congress. Biden as President? OMG! Then we will go down to a third world. Biden is rapist and a child molester. PERIOD! President Trump is the only man to rescue our United States. Lets get out and vote. NOW!!!

  2. The media have proven unreliable. Better to read or watch reality shows, sitcoms, or, novels — infinitely, more entertaining. Polls are the media’s manipulative tool; as the magician uses sleigh of hand to disguise objects. Communist China likely owns the media and supports Biden as he is a weak puppet. Thank God for President Trump and his continued courageous perseverance and love for our nation. Save America from foreign and Communist corruption.

  3. I believe that Trump is further ahead in the polls than he was in 2016, when he gave Hilary an electoral drubbing.

  4. I wonder if Biden will be able to maintain his mental faculties, long enough to even accept the Democratic nomination. Any intellectually honest person can see he is suffering from Dementia. We have seen enough of the democrats attempt to devastate the country. TRUMP 2020

  5. Of course he was at a loss for words, he is always at a loss for words. That is what happens when you are suffering from Alzheimer disease or demented, your choice, he is both. Dr. Dave is no doctor, he is a bozo loser who has no idea of what Pres. Trump said, he just parrots the DNC talking points.

  6. Joe has aids tie his shoes, and in his briefcase which is now to heavy he carrys his extra depends. He has to have a team of minions writing his verbal agenda daily, because when he actually takes it upon himself to talk on camera, its mumbles, stutter and garbled confused unintelligible words. It really makes you feel sorry for him that the demonrats have propped him up this way, because he is even oblivious to his own age and abilities. Dont believe the demonrats have our countries best interest in their agenda, as they have sold us out to special interest big corporation and china. Even if I didnt like Trumps economics, he is still the best president we have had it many presidential terms. Undo the demonrats destruction, and make america a strong country based on the working class. Believe in capitalism, because we will fail if Biden gets in. My independent poll says Trump wins.

  7. Their poll numbers just don’t add up. How is it that every category they list has Trump ahead by six to ten points ahead of Biden, but there is only a one point difference, with Trump leading? It’s done every year, that Democrats in the media have their heavy finger on the scales, at this point in the election cycle. They will usually have the Dems candidate about twenty points ahead, because they weight the polls heavy for the Dems. If Biden is already losing at this point in the game, there’s no way he will be able to close within ten or fifteen points of Trump on election day. As long as the Dems won’t get to use their voter fraud schemes to elect Biden, the Dems are going to see their apple cart turned over.

  8. This is what the Democrats have been waiting for , someone like Joe Biden to be their puppet guy. Get him elected and his VP takes over! So they think!! I have never been polled and my family has never been polled and there are twenty of us! I can only imagine where they get their polls from. OUR motto is if HOLLYWOOD is for SOMETHING (ANYTHING) WE are against IT! I TRULY BELIVE IN MY HEART THAT GOD IS USING THIS MAN (TRUMP) FOR HIS PURPOSE. Read GODS HOLY WORD the BIBLE AND GET TO KNOW HIM and He will show you the Light and the Darkness. GOD BLESS THE USA. TRUMP 2020!!

  9. Bidens a washed up old fool who couldn’t pass physical! Mentally gone! Just have to watch deep state, Obamas Muslim brotherhood ass and Soros cheating with mail in ballots! We can never allow Obamas to even get close to White House again! And your all right! Anybody who would vote for a demorat after seeing there games last 3 years is voting for destruction of america! Trumps needs to keep going making America great again and flushing corruption out of goveremnt!

  10. I think that they,(whomever they are) keep the poll numbers tight in order to keep voters engaged and not become complacent about the outcome. I think that Trump will win over trash heap Biden.

  11. Dr. Dave? And….. you’re a doctor of what? Lol Philosophy maybe… You’re just another talking head. Power to Trump/the people!!!!

  12. all biden needs is to bring al sharpton on as his running mate but al can’t be found he is in beverly hills in his muti-million dollar mansion he is not going out to help his black brothers now because they don’t have any money to give him.

  13. How can you trust any poll that puts a soon to be dimentia patient running neck and neck with someone who actually has accomplished something.

  14. Who is the 47%? I know some people don’t like Thump. But, thinking Joe Biden would be a better President. I just don’t get it.

  15. What do you mean I posted to quickly. I finished, I posted and you refused to accept. You people SUCK!

  16. Dementia Joe is always at a loss of words. That’s what happens with Alzheimer’s, there’s an obvious mental decline.

  17. Look, obama, hillary, & biden already had time to prove they are doing something for the country & THEY DID!!! they took our money & invested it in themselves,Hey Peloosy, Let all the illegal immigrants move in to your place! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS MAKING OUR COUNTRY GREAT,Democrats try to find fault in a man who BELEIVES IN AMERICA

  18. Oh yes, I trust polls SOOOOO much. Remember 2016 people? I’ll buy the results when they come out in November. You can find a poll that will tell you whatever you want to hear. All I want to hear is Trump shellac’s Biden,Republicans retake the US House and builds it’s lead in the Senate.

  19. 2016 poll was 95-5 in favor of Hillary Clinton until the day of election. Then what happen? TRUMP/MAGA 2020.

  20. Bottom line. Trump shows signs of early stage of Altzheimers and told people today that the cure for COVID-19 could be shining U.V. light into the body or putting disinfectant into the body and “it cleans it (COVID-19) in like a minute.” Doctors had to be rushed on TV shows to tell the public that disinfectants are poisonous, much like the FAKE “cure” of oxychloroquin (which not only does not help, it creates higher death rates).

  21. April 9, New CNN Poll conducted by SSRS
    Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a wide lead over President Donald Trump in the national race for the White House, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Biden leads Trump 53% to 42% among registered voters, roughly steady from CNN’s poll in early March.
    Biden holds an edge over Trump as more trusted to handle several key issues, including the response to the coronavirus outbreak (52% to 43%), health care (57% to 39%) and helping the middle class (57% to 38%).

  22. Trump’s “approval” in latest polls is going down and down to 42%, and the public thinks Biden would do a better job.

  23. The reasoning of running pathetic Biden is the Dems know that NO dem can beat Trump so they do not want to “waste” a good candidate against him. There is NO Dem VP candidate that could give Biden the votes he needs.
    BTW if you believe polls ck the Presidential polls on 11/01/2016.
    I and my friends in 9 states have NEVER been polled and neither have ANY of their friends or family. ALL would vote for TRUMP.

  24. it is so obvious that joe biden has dementia. he cant finish a thought, he forgets what he started to say, he repeats himself and on and on. I just cant figure out why democrats are still backing him when this is so obvious. It kind of makes them look foolish to think that they would back someone with dementia to be president of the united states. Can you picture him standing with Modi of india, xiping of china (his buddy in crime) merkel of germany. Do you think he would remember who he is standing with. And think of him trying to run this coronavirus 19 . Trump is really doing a good job but the democrats will find fault with everything he does no matter what. Trump could find a cure for cancer and democrats would find something wrong. It is so completely bizarre

  25. A President Joe Biden will continue to ship jobs to China. He will reopen borders so ILLEGAL immigrants can flood our country and get government benefits. He will be a puppet for insiders of the Democratic Party. And our country will be seen as weak and waffling by the rest of the world. Biden is not capable of bringing this country out of the economic crisis the coronavirus caused. Trump built the economy once, and he has in place a lot of things that are necessary to rebuild it again.

  26. 48-47 Trump? Lol, there is no way Biden has 47% of the people in any state. it is more fake polls, they are giving trump a slight lead just to try and give their fake poll some kind of legitimacy. dont believe it people, trump is way ahead in the real polls probably more like 70-30 trump.

  27. Patrick Waddle, I can’t wait till Trump is no longer POTUS so we can bring the criminal charges against him that Barr refuses to do. Trump will look good in an orange jump suit.

  28. Joe Biden does note need to be the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES he needs to go to jail for all of his corruption he has done over the last 40 years to the AMERICAN people stand up and be counted for the right man for the job none other than our PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP we don’t need the changes the DEMOCRATS want that’s power they do not damn for the AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZEN.


  30. I think Joe Biden’s chances for victory aren’t quite to the levels of his chances for jail. There’s only so much the mainstream media can hid about him, and Nancy Pelosi’s statement that she’s OK with his abuse of women only angers the voters. Mainstream media can’t shut either of them up!

  31. Deloris I totally agree that obozo wasn’t born in America. But how did he become president? We have been victims of a massive coverup. We endured other democrat presidents before, but look how far to the left they turned after obozo. Coincidence? No way. Conservative and conservative members of that party either turned republican or was driven out. Look at what happened to the democrat lawmaker in Georgia when he announced that he supported Trump. And he is a man of color.

  32. Reply to James 75th regiment: I will never believe obummer was born in this country. There was a sheriff who went to Hawaii and I think he found the truth, but eas threatened not to tell. Obummer did everything he could to ruin this country.

  33. Rob Jones it might not have been a mistake about his sister and wife. Retard joe might go to family reunions to meet women.

  34. Wait we owe them that right??? Their were slaves right??? Hell no. My family came to Texas in 1852 and didn’t owe one damn slave. My ancestors fought on both sides of the Civil War, I tired of their whining…God Bless🇺🇸

  35. Obama and Michael spend over $15 Million traveling on vacations to Hawaii and China-Africa, but that’s alright he was looking for his birth certificate and screwing the America taxpayer at the same time. Of course hating the United States at the same time.

  36. This poll is so far off its a joke. Biden will win 3 sates at most. Trump will cruise in the rest. The election will be over in record time and Trump will serve another 4 years. Change the rules. Trump should serve agains for the next 8 years.

  37. doesn’t matter. did Trump say he’d be so busy working that wouldn’t have time to golf?

  38. Trump was asked about going to a rally. he couldn’t give a straight answer to a simple question. and covfefe.

  39. Most people will get concerned when a potential president makes the “small” mistake of
    confusing his sister for his wife. When at a recent rally, he tells his crowd ” I will win the race for Delaware Senator”, Maybe this is the same issue when he gropes various
    women – a problem remembering? (anyhow, he is for sure “hands-on” in these cases).

  40. I agree with, manuel and I’m going to add to what he said. Never mind the 8 wasted years as VP, Creepy Joe has been in some kind of office for 40+ years and has nothing to show for it…

  41. If Biden picks Michelle Obama as his VP, which he has hinted at, he will be elected because with Michelle comes her husband. Biden probably will not be able to carry on his duties for very long, Michelle will become President, and there is no doubt her husband will be running the show in the background. The Dems would be in all their glory.

  42. That poll is false how can J.B. be in a thight race in the polls with Trump when Joe Biden has not done a damn thing for the American people in 8 years that’s a bunch of crap your polls are all wrong.

  43. Bottom line. Biden has the signs of early stage altzheimers. I’ve seen it in many older people in my family around that age. Within two years it will probably be full blown altzheimers. Even if I were a Democrat, and I’m not, I could not take a chance on him.

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