Joe Biden was blindsided by one investigation that could bring down his campaign

Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday romp has the former Vice President on track to win the Democrat Party nomination.

But Biden just got some very bad news.

And his life was thrown in chaos because Joe Biden was blindsided by one investigation that could bring down his campaign.

On Wednesday, Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson announced the intention to hold a vote on issuing the first subpoena into allegations of corruption involving Hunter Biden and Burisma.

Johnson also revealed that he planned to produce a report in one to two months about the initial findings of the committee’s allegations.

“These are questions that Joe Biden has not adequately answered,” Johnson explained. “And if I were a Democrat primary voter, I’d want these questions satisfactorily answered before I cast my final vote.”

The Fake News Media questioned the timing of Johnson’s announcement and claimed Johnson was only taking these steps to hurt Biden now that the former Vice President was seen as Donald Trump’s likely opponent.

Johnson strongly denied these false accusations.

“My investigations are not focused on the Bidens. They’re just not. But I can’t ignore them because they’re part of the story,” Johnson stated. “They made themselves part of the story.”

“If there’s wrongdoing, the American people need to know it. If there is no wrongdoing or nothing significant, the American people need to understand that as well,” Johnson added.

In reporting this story, the fake news left out one crucial detail.

Johnson’s letter announcing his intention to subpoena a political consultant to provide documents about his firm’s contacts with the Obama administration and Burisma was dated February 24, which was before Biden’s string of primary victories and came at a time when everyone in Washington, D.C. believed Bernie Sanders was on pace to secure the nomination.

Joe Biden has hid behind the fake news claims that Biden should never be investigated or questioned about his son Hunter’s dealings with Burisma because Biden is a Democrat.

But that can no longer hold.

And the American people will finally get real answers about this corruption scandal.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Omar is a chocolate Hershey bar born in a chocolate factory. Let us be WHITE, REPUBLICAN AND AMERICAN! Send us the Trump hats free and give us money too. Study the Good Holy Gospels of Republican Trump to make Christ work better for us. Donald Trump is our Good Personal Lord and Savior.

  2. Send us the Trump hats free and give us money too. Study the Good Holy Gospels of Republican Trump to make Christ work better for us. Donald Trump is our Good Personal Lord and Savior.

  3. Johnson wouldn’t have to be doing this if the senate had called witnesses. They unbelievably did not tho because Biden was not a concern at the time AND I believe also because President Trump’s closest admin members could also be subpoenaed. I certainly wish they would have followed the law though and called EVERYONE in so we, the citizens could hear the total truth!

  4. Everyone is Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf “Democrates” all they can do is Huff, and Puff, They will never Win!

  5. Retard joe has armed security. His wife running the protesters off the stage was cut and dried. They wouldn’t have been able to get that close. Was he trying to show that his wife has the balls in the family?

  6. Bidens crooketry goes all the way back to Scranton, Pa. with his dealings with the CASEY family.It is unreal that this is not out there yet. The MEDIA is conspiratorially criminal. The stuff in his young political life is passed over. Trump may let it come out but only if he needs to. He does not want to kill the bum,JB. This UKRAINE CAPER is incredible. Biden will leave the race if it comes through. The story is too big to let sit. It is all up to TRUMP. Another criminal in this caper is RICHARD HAAS from the criminal CFR. Since 1927 that organization has tried to take over the world.HAAS and the U.N.are thieves beyond imaginability. It is not just the CFR. TRUMP knows all of this along with the TRUTH about 9-11. We are soon about to find out if there is a GOD in heaven. I will continue when appropriate. I have stage 4 but do not want to be killed. TO be continued if necessary. BE WELL and BE READY !!!

  7. I saw on Hannity today that Mitt is going to back the subpoena, after he talked with Johnson earlier. That is a positive sign. I’m glad someone in the US is looking at this, since Ukraine is investigating. We will finally get some answers, in one area. I feel the Democrats should have done this in the house.

  8. Real M the campaign of both of them idiots is a joke. A retarded commie and a senile old commie.

  9. Influence peddling has been a long time staple of politicians. It’s why they’re willing to spend millions of dollars to get a job that pays about 175k per year. The Bidens seem to have developed the game into a fine art but they don’t see it as wrong because after all, everybody does it. Right?

  10. Uh oh! Is that trouble I see coming down the pike for Jo Jo Biden?
    By all means let’s spend more time and money investigating another Dem who is above the law!

  11. The Fake News Media questioned the timing of Johnson’s announcement and claimed Johnson was only taking these steps to hurt Biden now that the former Vice President was seen as Donald Trump’s likely opponent.

    You mean much like the Obozo/Killery ‘s FBI investigations and accusations of Trump starting on July of 2016 IF not before?

  12. no one is above the law??? didn’t palefacelosi say these words during the two articles of impeachment? America do not need a cook and mob boss in the POTUS. the whole Biden family is the gangster of the modern era.

  13. Will Biden sell out his own son to become President over the Ukraine donations of millions of dollars into lobbyists pockets??? You know the Swamp Creatures of Capital Hill, including a couple of Rinos, Burr & Romney…

  14. Wait till Ukraine starts issuing subpoenas.
    They have reason enough for the issuance just on Biden’s published remarks on the subject.
    Veritas Vincit

  15. I just don’t see how quid pro Joe can avoid these questions anymore? He committed these acts a long time before he became a Presidential candidate. How did he not think these issues would not be part of his background vetting? So here we are in a 2020 election and as a voting American yes I would like to know what the heck went on with Ukraine & China so as with any candidate’s background so we all can make a wise election decision.. Hey Joe that’s the process! Thank God we you were so proud to taut your pay for play on video cause I don’t think we can rely on your mental capabilities??

  16. When are some of these rotten Dems gonna put on the striped uniforms?? Sztrok, Comey, Hillary, Barack, Paige, Comey, Schumer & Pelosi…they are the swamp scum that needs to be found out & lady justice should prevail. God speed.


  18. Dont matter, cuz Mittens is gonna quash the subpoena. After all, his son is involved too.

  19. It is about time. I spent over 35 years working in over 80 countries specializing in energy companies. There is no way other than corruption that Hunter got that job. It is one thing to surmise and another to witness how things work.

  20. It’s about time but please move fast, these democrats parasites will do anything to stop this investigation. Democrats are not above the law even though they say illegals are, their way of thinking is unconscionable and we must stop this for once and for all.
    Trump has been vetted for 3 years and it still continues today, they the democrats are truly hiding something. When all is said and. Done I hope those democrats that are involved get the just treatment by our laws.

  21. after the rant that Schummer did 3 days ago, I think he needs to be investigated as well as Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein, Waters, Jackson-Lee, all the Dirty Dems in both the House & Senate & that should be released to the People, who have & may not have put the dirty Dems in Office, I know I left a lot of “people” out but all should be investigated. My parents were both Democrats, but I can say this;they would be spinning in their graves today!!!

  22. Obama, Biden, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Strozk, Page, Comey and McCabe just to name a few dimwit dems that are traitors to America. Just once I’d like to see some investigations and law and order surrounding their evil deeds. And let’s not forget Schumer threatening two Supreme Court justices. Dems are desperate!

  23. THis act might get JohNSON to Actively get THREATENED by Congress two Biggest Useful Idits >>>Pelosi nad the SCHMUCK!!

  24. The commiecrats will circle the wagons and protect the crooked retard. The entire commiecrat party stinks will killery Clinton type crooks are grifters. But Trump is building our country up. Notice the February job report.

  25. biden is dirty, a lier and did a QUID PRO QUO with Ukraine for telling them who was investigating hunter biden you don’t get the billion dollars unless you fire the prosecuter going after hunter. dirty joe said THE SOB FIRED HIM. ALL BIDENS BROTHER HAD JOE DO DIRTY DEEDS TO GET MILLIONS FOR THEM CHINA UKRAINE AND OTHER COUNTRIES. HE’LL TELL THE VOTERS HOW HE WILL HELP THEM THEN IF ELECTED STICK IT TO THEM/ JOES A TRAITOR

  26. Yeah right. It’s OK to investigate Trump but not Biden. Can’t investigate Biden or Hillary or any democrat. Only republicans need to be investigated.
    The truth is all democrats should be investigated, not just Biden.
    Obama, Holder, Lynch, HRC, and Biden should all be investigated for corruption.

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