Joe Biden was blindsided when CNN asked one shocking question

Joe Biden’s Presidency has gone completely off of the rails.

He can’t even count on the Fake News Media to have his back.

And Joe Biden was blindsided when CNN asked one shocking question.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is coming apart at the seams.

The country is grappling with a never-ending string of disasters, sending Biden’s approval rating to a historic low for a modern President.

Things are so bad in Biden’s America that Democrats are openly speculating about pulling the plug on him for 2024.

The corporate-controlled media has been the biggest cheerleader for the Biden regime.

However, doubt is creeping in about Biden’s future.

CNN’s Brian Stelter is one of the biggest left-wing hacks on the network who is always eager to explain away Biden’s blunders.

On his show, Reliable Sources, Stelter raised questions about Biden’s political future after asking a shocking question to a top administration insider.

Stelter discussed an article in the failing New York Times where columnist Maureen Dowd said Biden shouldn’t run in 2024.

He asked his guest, former Jill Biden Press Secretary Michael LaRosa, for his thoughts on Dowd’s column.

“I hope he runs,” LaRosa replied. “I know he’s going to run. He’s planning to run, as he said many times.”

LaRosa dismissed the growing concerns about Biden among Democrats as “bedwetting.”

“Biden’s age makes it different,” Stelter responded.

“I don’t see why he wouldn’t run,” LaRosa replied. “I haven’t heard a reason why.”

Stelter kept pressing LaRosa before asking him a question no one ever expected to hear from a CNN host.

“What about his son, what about Hunter? Stelter asked. “Hunter is under federal investigation, and charges could be coming at any time.”

“This is not just a right-wing media story,” Stelter continued. “This is a real problem for the Bidens. Could he decide not to run for re-election, given his son?”

This is an incredible reversal by Stelter to admit that Hunter Biden’s scandals are a major problem for Joe.

Stelter ran cover on the Hunter Biden story for years, dismissing it as a “manufactured scandal” and proclaiming that the laptop was a “classic example of the right-wing media machine” when the story first broke.

Now Hunter Biden’s scandals are mushrooming to the point where even one of the biggest hacks in fake news is wondering if it could cause Joe to forgo reelection.

When LaRosa was asked about Hunter causing Joe to throw in the towel on his political career, he dodged the question.

“Look, they make, they make decisions as a family, and they will make that decision when it’s time,” LaRosa responded.

Things are so bad for Joe Biden that even his staunch allies at CNN are casting doubts on his political future.

Hunter Biden’s scandals that were once dismissed as “Russian misinformation” are now fair game on CNN.

More and more Democrats are refusing to publicly back Biden for his reelection bid in 2024.

With Joe Biden’s allies in the corporate-controlled media turning on him, his political future is looking bleak.

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