Joe Biden was blindsided when CNN released these poll numbers comparing him to Trump

Joe Biden coasted through his first 100 days with near unanimous positive coverage from his allies in the corporate-controlled media.

But Joe Biden was in for the biggest surprise of his life.

And Joe Biden was blindsided when CNN released these poll numbers comparing him to Trump.

Joe Biden delivered his first address to Congress on the eve of his 100th day in office.

The speech was extremely boring. Boring enough that Senator Cruz had a hard time fighting off the urge to fall asleep.

But it outlined the largest and most expansive radical socialist agenda by any President since LBJ.

Biden promised a cradle to grave welfare state financed by trillions of dollars in new taxes.

The speech did not land with the American people.

A CNN poll conducted after the speech found just 51 percent of Americans had a strongly positive reaction to Biden’s speech, which was far lower than any President in the 21st century and six points lower than the reaction to Donald Trump’s first address to Congress.

The media loves to point out that Joe Biden’s approval numbers are higher than Donald Trump’s at this point.

And that is true.

But what’s also true is the address to Congress allowed Biden to frame the Democrats’ anti-police agenda in the most favorable terms possible in a gauzy setting designed to show the full weight of the President’s power and ability to command the stage.

And Americans had a much more favorable reaction to Donald Trump’s America First agenda than Joe Biden’s Soviet-style socialism and confiscatory tax rate scheme.

The final cherry on top was CNN – a pro-Biden house organ – providing the evidence.

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