Joe Biden was blindsided when this green scheme cost him a crucial 2024 ally

Photo by Thomas Good via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Joe Biden is going all-in on trying to fundamentally transform the country with green energy.

This green push is splitting the Democrat Party in half.

And Joe Biden was blindsided when this green scheme cost him a crucial 2024 ally.

President Joe Biden is forcibly transitioning the automotive industry from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric ones to reduce carbon emissions.

These sweeping changes are threatening to bring massive disruption to Detroit’s automakers and leave workers holding the short end of the stick.

China dominates the supply chain for electric vehicles and automaker’s electrification is poised to ship them more American jobs.

The powerful United Auto Workers (UAW) is one of the Democrat Party’s most reliable allies in Big Labor.

Grievances fueled in part by the electrification push led the UAW to launch a historic strike against all three of the major American automakers.

The former top Union Boss at the UAW admitted that auto workers are feeling abandoned by the Democrat Party.

Former UAW President Bob King told POLITICO that auto workers are getting ignored by Biden’s green energy agenda.

“UAW members feel abandoned by the Democratic Party,” King said. “I think there’s a segment of the Democratic Party that sees itself as serving corporations rather than the common good. […] We’ve had a lot of disappointments.”

The union is upset that electrification investments by the Inflation Reduction Act, a Trojan Horse for Green New Deal policies, are flowing to Right to Work states in the South like Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Auto workers are concerned they could end up out of a job with electric vehicles having fewer parts than their gasoline-powered equivalents and much of the battery manufacturing centered in China.

UAW President Shawn Fain said that his union is holding off on endorsing Biden’s reelection bid after they were an early supporter in 2020.

“Actions are going to dictate endorsements, so we’ll see how things continue to play out, and we have a lot of issues to resolve,” Fain told CNN. “There’s a lot with the EV transition that has to happen, and there’s hundreds of billions of our taxpayer dollars that are helping fund this, and workers cannot continue to be left behind in that equation.”

The Biden regime is spending tens of billions to subsidize automakers to make the transition to electric.

Ford received the largest government subsidy for a car company since the 2009 bailouts when it received a $9.2 billion loan to build three electric battery plants.

Big Labor has always been a key part of the Democrat coalition that funnels billions of dollars into the coffers of Democrat candidates.

The UAW helped Biden in 2020 with money and get-out-the-vote operations in crucial Midwestern battleground states that decided the presidency.

The growing rift between Joe Biden and the UAW is a major headache for Democrats heading into the 2024 Election.