Joe Biden was caught on video doing one thing that caused a scandal on Day One

Joe Biden’s first day in office ended in scandal and embarrassment.

This was not how things were supposed to go.

But Joe Biden was caught on video doing one thing that caused a scandal on Day One.

Democrats across the country like California Governor Gavin Newsome and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caught flak for their coronavirus hypocrisy.

They tell Americans to obey lockdown orders and wear masks and then get caught flouting their own rules.

Now you can add Joe Biden to the list.

Biden made a big deal about how one of his first acts in office would be to sign a federal mask mandate requiring anyone on federal property to wear a mask at all times.

It only took a matter of hours for Biden to violate that new mandate as he was filmed at the Lincoln Memorial standing around not wearing a mask as he listened to cellist Yo-Yo Ma perform.

There are two main reasons Americans developed “COVID fatigue” and now routinely ignore so-called “public health” measures.

First, they were told this was 15 days to stop the spread.

That is now over 300 days with no end in sight.

Second, the Democrats like Newsom, Pelosi, and Biden who tell Americans these lockdowns and mask mandates are a matter of life death routinely demonstrate that they do not believe this to be the case by not obeying them when they think no one is looking.

Biden claimed wearing masks could save 50,000 lives.

Biden also claimed he wears a mask to set an example for the American people.

That’s just what he says.

How he acts tells you what he really thinks and at the first opportunity Joe Biden ditched his mask.

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