Joe Biden was fuming after Ron DeSantis made him this surprising offering

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on an epic winning streak.

His conservative victories are causing Joe Biden to lose his mind.

And Joe Biden was fuming after Ron DeSantis made him this surprising offer.

President Joe Biden is keeping a low profile on the campaign trail ahead of the Midterm elections.

His approval rating is deeply underwater in key battleground states across the country due to his disastrous Presidency.

Democrat candidates have been distancing themselves from the politically toxic Biden.

Most of Biden’s rare appearances on the campaign trail this election cycle have been reserved for deep-Blue states.

But his handlers made the head-scratching decision to dispatch the President to Florida to rally Democrat voters.

Biden is as popular as a root canal in Florida.

A recent poll from CIVIQS found only 37% of voters in the Sunshine State approve of his job performance.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is poised for a decisive victory on Election Day.

DeSantis’ Democrat challenger Charlie Crist made the curious decision of enthusiastically embracing the deeply unpopular President and welcoming him on the campaign trail.

The news of Biden’s campaign appearance in Florida was music to Ron DeSantis’ ears.

Even though Biden is dragging down Democrats in swing states across the country, Crist just went all in for him.

DeSantis thanked Crist for bringing Biden to Florida and offered to pay to keep the President in the state through Election Day.

“I think it’s an in-kind contribution to my campaign,” DeSantis said of Biden’s Florida appearance.

“I just want to make the offer publicly,” DeSantis continued. “We will underwrite him to stay in Florida for the rest of the campaign.”

Democrats have been desperately trying to distance themselves from Biden, but Crist did DeSantis a favor by appearing with him in South Florida.

“If Joe wants to stay, it’ll be on our dime and we’d love for the people of Florida to be reminded that the Democrats in this state are with Biden 100% of the time,” DeSantis added.

While serving in Congress, Crist was a rubber stamp for Biden’s radical agenda and voted with the President 100% of the time.

Biden’s handlers set him up to fail with a trip to Florida to try and boost Crist in a race he’s certain to lose.

Democrats have been looking to pull the plug on Biden for the 2024 Presidential election to give the Party a clean slate.

Biden’s campaign appearances and DeSantis wiping the floor with Crist could be the excuse Democrats need to push him aside in two years.

A blowout loss for Crist would be proof positive that DeSantis would trounce Biden in a potential 2024 matchup.

Joe Biden has become so politically toxic that an appearance by the President is a boost for Republican candidates.

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