Joe Biden was fuming when he got this bad news about the future of his Bidenmobiles

Joe Biden’s electric vehicle revolution is running out of juice at the worst possible time.

Now his scheme to transform the automobile industry has a fatal problem. 

And Joe Biden was fuming when got this bad news about the future of his Bidenmobiles.

75% of electric charging station builders can’t get power 

President Joe Biden has become the salesman-in-chief for the electric vehicle industry.

His administration launched a massive push to electrify the auto industry with subsidies for automakers and generous federal tax credits for buyers.

“The great American road trip is going to be fully electrified,” Biden boasted at the 2022 Detroit Auto Show.

The stumbling block to taking an electric vehicle on a road trip and its mass adoption is the lack of public charging stations.

Biden’s 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill included $7.5 billion to build public charging stations as part of the President’s plan to build 500,000 by 2030.

Only seven have been built with that money more than two years later.

Now public charging stations have another huge problem.

The people who build them can’t get power for them.

“Of the 211 developers surveyed by Xendee, a California-based software company, 75% said that electric grid limitations are among the biggest roadblock to building EV charging infrastructure. The total cost of the infrastructure was a problem for 63% of the respondents, and permitting delays were cited by 53% of those surveyed,” Just the News reported.

Three-fourths of the companies surveyed building public charging stations can’t even get them connected to the electric grid.

The electrical grid is going to become a huge problem 

Xendee chief technology officer Michael Stadler said the builders are turning diesel-powered generators to power public charging stations.

Electric vehicles are being sold by the Biden administration as a way to reduce carbon emissions.

But many of them are using fossil fuels to keep them running.

Stadler said that the electric grid is going to be a huge problem moving forward.

“At the end of the day, the utilities will never be able to handle all this power because otherwise energy becomes too expensive,” Stadler said. “I just don’t like the idea that everyone is thinking short-term, that this problem is going away.”

Adding tens of millions of electric vehicles to the road is going to require a major increase in electricity production.

But while the Biden administration is pushing electric vehicles, it is waging war on the only reliable power sources for electricity to boost wind and solar power.

Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new regulation requiring coal-fired power plants to use unproven and expensive new carbon capture technology or shut down by 2040.

Most plants won’t be able to comply with the rule, which will wipe out coal-generated electricity in America.

The country is now losing more sources of power than it’s adding because of Biden’s push for green energy.

And the President is trying to force the country to begin electrifying automobiles and all household appliances.

Joe Biden’s green energy push means that his electric vehicle agenda is going to run straight into a ditch.

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