Joe Biden was furious after a leading Democrat gave him this shocking snub

Joe Biden’s problems are piling up.

Now Democrats are starting to turn on him.

And Joe Biden was furious after a leading Democrat gave him this shocking snub.

Joe Biden is living a political nightmare while his Presidency goes off the rails.

The country is going down the tubes from his disastrous leadership.

Since Biden has no answers for any of the major problems facing the country, he’s turned to blaming anyone and everything for his miserable failures.

Now he has to try to contain the damage with the Midterm elections around the corner.

Biden used a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, to try to rally support from Big Labor heading into election season.

Biden touted a massive handout to mismanaged union pensions tucked away in his $2 trillion pandemic relief bill.

Before it had a major shift to the GOP under President Trump, Ohio was formerly one of the biggest swing states in the country.

Democrats have been hoping to put the state’s Senate seat in play this year.

Normally, a visit from the President brings out candidates and members of the Party who are looking to lock arms with the Commander-in-Chief.

However, Joe Biden received a shocking snub when the Democrat candidate for Senate, Tim Ryan, skipped out on the event.

The Democrat candidate for Governor, Nan Whaley, also didn’t show up for the event.

Both candidates’ campaigns cited “unavoidable scheduling conflicts” for skipping out on Biden.

Biden was undeterred by the snub, proclaiming that Ryan would be the next Senator from Ohio at the union event.

A scheduling conflict is a transparent excuse for Ryan to distance himself from Biden for his election.

Joe Biden is so toxic politically right now that Democrats are running away from him in fear that he’ll drag them down.

In the latest CIVIQS poll of Ohio, Biden’s approval rating in the state is a paltry 26%, while 63% disapprove of him.

Biden’s catastrophically low approval rating in Ohio has Ryan in an uphill battle for his race.

After fully supporting Biden’s agenda in Congress, Ryan’s attempts to distance himself from the President won’t work.

The Trump-backed Republican candidate in Ohio, J.D. Vance, slammed Ryan for the political stunt.

“Ryan has worked in lockstep with Biden to destroy our economy and Ohio’s middle class is suffering today because of it,” Vance said. “But now, for the second time in two months, Ryan is refusing to be seen in public with his own Party’s President.”

Ryan joins a growing list of Democrats who are avoiding Biden like the plague.

In a Special Election in New Hampshire, a Democrat State House candidate even airbrushed Biden off of a t-shirt he wore for his campaign mailers.

With Joe Biden’s approval rating sinking like a brick, Democrats will be running away from him to save their political careers.

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