Joe Biden was furious when a leading Republican exposed this massive deception

Joe Biden has been a colossal disaster as President.

Biden is hoping the corporate-controlled media can cover up his disastrous blunders.

But Joe Biden was furious when a leading Republican exposed this massive deception.

Thanks to their reckless policies, Democrats have unleashed a crime tsunami on the country.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, Democrats pushed the disastrous “defund the police” movement.

Democrat-run cities around the country began cutting their police budgets, sending crime soaring.

George Soros bankrolled the election of soft-on-crime prosecutors around the country who gave criminals a slap on the wrist and set them free.

As a result of Democrats’ pro-criminal policies, crime is at record highs.

The murder rate had its highest ever increase, while cities around the country are seeing record levels of murders.

Cities are under siege from criminals.

But Democrats let them run wild.

This is a massive political problem for Democrats, as crime is becoming a top issue for voters.

With the Midterm elections coming up, Democrats are desperately trying to fool voters with an election-year rebranding.

Joe Biden said at his State of the Union Address that the answer was to fund the police.

Nancy Pelosi declared “defund the police” dead in the House.

And Biden’s new budget includes an increase in federal funding for law enforcement.

Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack appeared on Fox & Friends to destroy Democrats’ newly-found tough-on-crime stances.

She was asked, “Will the American voter see through this absolutely pure political 180 by Joe Biden?”

“It’s all smoke and mirrors, misdirection, and in fact, if they don’t deal with the root cause of so much of the opioids and crime in our communities by closing the border, then this is all for naught,” Cammack remarked.

“It all ties back to the fact that every single city in America is a border town, and that is really the root issue that is not addressed in this budget,” she continued.

As to Biden’s increased funding in the budget for police, she called it a wishlist since Democrats in Congress have to actually deliver on his request.

“I think any American with common sense sees through this nonsense. This administration has no regard for law and order…. It is going to be a hollow attempt at gaining back voters going into a critical Midterm,” she remarked.

While Biden tries to talk tough-on-crime, he’s completely ignoring border security.

Drug violence, which is sending murder rates skyrocketing, is being fueled by the flood of dangerous drugs crossing the border.

Violent criminals can walk across the border before being shipped around the country by Biden.

But Joe Biden is hellbent on keeping the border wide open.

Biden is desperate for a political stunt to distract voters from the Democrats’ war against law and order.

With rampant crime unlikely to subside any time soon, Joe Biden will have to hope voters forget the crime-wave his Party unleashed.

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