Joe Biden was furious when Joe Manchin gave him this harsh reality check

Joe Biden’s first year in office was an utter catastrophe.

Even Democrats know Biden’s Presidency is a total disaster.

And Joe Biden was furious when Joe Manchin gave him this harsh reality check.

Joe Biden has wrecked the economy with his socialist spending spree.

Biden spent $2 trillion on “COVID relief” in a special interest giveaway bill rammed through by Democrats.

Only 8% of the bill went to anything resembling the pandemic.

With trillions in debt-financed dollars flooding the economy, inflation recently hit a 40-year high of 7.5%.

There are no signs of inflation slowing down.

But even worse is that skyrocketing inflation has erased wage gains for most American workers.

The Biden regime has been desperately trying to spin their way out of the problem by claiming it’s temporary.

But even Democrats are now calling out this massive deception.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin gave Biden a brutal reality check on inflation.

“This inflation is real,” Manchin began.

“It’s harming people. It’s 7.5%. That’s a tax, and it continues to increase. It’s not decreasing. So the feds have to step up to the plate and do something. The administration has to. We all have to work together right now to get our financial house in order. If not, it’s going to be absolutely horrible what it’s going to do to the American economy,” Manchin continued.

Of course, a member of his own Party calling him out on his disastrous inflation is a devastating blow to Biden.

But that was only the beginning of the bad news Manchin handed Biden.

Manchin previously killed Biden’s $3.5 trillion socialist grab bag for every bad left-wing idea in recent memory.

With only 50 Democrat Senators, Manchin’s vote was essential to the bill passing.

Desperate Democrats had used Obama and Oprah to pressure Manchin to reconsider his position.

There was even talk of breaking the bill into smaller parts to try and get Manchin to sign off on it.

But the newest left-wing talking point coming from the regime is that “Build Back Better” would actually lower inflation.

However, Manchin once again threw cold water on Biden’s socialist dreams.

“This is not a time to be throwing fuel on the fire,” Manchin said, adding that “we have inflation, and we have basically an economy that’s on fire . . . We’ve got to get our house in order.”

These massive inflation numbers cemented Manchin’s opposition to Build Back Better and ensured it isn’t coming back from the dead.

With Democrats starting to call Biden out on inflation, it’s clear this is a problem the regime won’t be able to spin its way out of.

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