Joe Biden was furious when the corporate-controlled media gave him this shocking news

The Presidency was supposed to be the crowning achievement of Joe Biden’s long political career.

Instead, it’s turned into a never-ending nightmare.

And Joe Biden was furious when the corporate-controlled media gave him this shocking news.

Joe Biden thought the economy would be back to its record-setting levels seen under President Trump.

Trump handed Biden an economy that was well on its way to recovery from the pandemic.

But in less than one year, Biden managed to completely destroy the economy.

After going on a spending spree that would make a drunken sailor blush, inflation is running rampant.

Inflation is at a forty-year high with no end in sight.

The crumbling Biden economy crushed by inflation is becoming the top political issue heading into the Midterm elections.

The problem is so massive that the corporate-controlled media can’t even sweep it under the rug.

POLITICO is calling inflation “Biden’s mounting midterm threat.”

They report that regime officials are “increasingly concerned” about the economy hurting Democrats in the Midterms.

Former Obama official Steve Rattner described the grim attitudes in the White House.

He said, “The mood is just shockingly bad inside and outside the White House.”

“If somehow inflation comes down and the electorate’s mood improves, they can compete. If these things don’t happen, the Midterms could get scarily painful very quickly for Democrats,” he added.

Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said, “I don’t think there is any readily available silver bullet that can change the perception of the economy.”

Biden’s polling on the economy is catastrophically bad.

Polls show that over 2/3 of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

And nearly 60% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy.

The worst could be yet to come for Biden on the inflation front.

“It’s ugly on inflation, going to get uglier the next several months, and the Fed might be put in the position where they have to be much more aggressive and that could slow the economy a lot,” said Edward Moya with trading firm OANDA.

While the Federal Reserve is optimistic that they can bring down inflation, even they admit it won’t be easy.

But Democrats like Larry Summers are skeptical that they can pull it off.

“I don’t think it’s realistic at all to believe you could bring down inflation substantially while keeping unemployment at 3.5 percent for three years,” Summers remarked.

This is a massive political problem for Democrats with no end in sight.

The regime’s response to inflation has been to lie and hope they can spin their way out of it.

At first, they tried to say it was temporary.

But when that failed, they moved on to blaming Putin or “corporate greed.”

Regime officials have been trying to tout the low unemployment rate in hopes that Americans won’t notice the rest of the economy.

But Biden is left with nothing but lame excuses for the disaster he created.

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