Joe Biden was left speechless when he saw this shocking new poll

No one can say it’s early anymore.

The general election is just over six months away.

And now Joe Biden was left speechless when he saw this shocking new poll.

New CNN poll shows ugly numbers for Joe Biden

CNN’s latest poll had nothing but bad news for Joe Biden.

The top lines showed Trump leading Biden by six in a head-to-head matchup and nine when Robert F. Kennedy and other third-party candidates were included on the ballot.

The internal numbers are even more gruesome for Biden.

CNN poll show Americans view Trump as a success and Biden as a failure

The 2024 election provides for the first time since 1892 that a former President ran against his successor.

Americans have never had a chance to provide a more pure answer to the question about whether they are better off today than they were four years ago.

All voters lived through both the Trump and Biden Presidencies so they can judge for themselves which they prefer.

And the answer is Donald Trump won by a landslide.

“Looking back, 55% of all Americans now say they see Trump’s presidency as a success, while 44% see it as a failure,” CNN reported.

The passage of time and the failures of Joe Biden snapped the public out of the spell the media put them under with lies, hoaxes, and propaganda about Trump.

“In a January 2021 poll taken just before Trump left office and days after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, 55% considered his time as president a failure,” CNN also reported about their poll.

As for Joe Biden, the American people thought his Presidency was a failure from the get-go, but the impression only grew worse as open borders, inflation, and a blank check for an endless war in Ukraine further served to drag down Biden’s approval.

“Assessing Biden’s time in office so far, 61% say his presidency thus far has been a failure, while 39% say it’s been a success. That’s narrowly worse than the 57% who called the first year of his administration a failure in January 2022, with 41% calling it a success,” CNN’s report continued.

CNN also reported that this poll found that “60% disapprove of his handling of the job and 40% approve” of Biden’s performance in office and his handling of the economy.

There is no amount of media spin to sugarcoat these disastrous poll results.

No matter how much fake news or hit pieces the press pumped out the last eight years, the American people appreciate the fact that inflation was low, the border was secure, and there was no threat of nuclear war when Donald Trump was President.

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