Joe Biden waved the white flag of defeat after a top official said two words

Joe Biden’s Presidency is going down the tubes.

But he just got some more bad news that he wasn’t expecting.

And Joe Biden waved the white flag of defeat after a top official said two words.

Joe Biden’s war on American energy has left the country in the midst of its biggest energy crisis in decades.

Gas prices keep on hitting record highs with no end in sight.

After gas prices crossed $5 a gallon nationwide for the first time ever, some industry analysts are now predicting that it’s only a matter of time before gas hits $6 a gallon.

This is becoming a major political problem for Joe Biden.

Biden has steadfastly refused to unleash American energy to bring down prices.

Instead, he’s turned to blaming everyone and everything else for the problem he created.

Biden has used a laundry list of excuses, from Vladimir Putin to price gouging by oil companies.

Now Biden is headed to Saudi Arabia to beg them to increase production.

While he flails around searching for an answer to high gas prices, his Party’s political fortunes are fading.

With the Midterm elections just around the corner, Democrats are desperately hoping that somehow gas prices come down.

In an appearance on CNN, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm gave Americans some bad news about gas prices.

Granholm admitted that drivers will be facing a “tough summer” as gas prices continue to climb.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicted that gas prices will be around $4.27 a gallon in the third quarter.

But Granholm warned that this could be a rosy estimate.

“That is — it’s a forecast that is based on assumptions that could be completely upended with world events,” Granholm said. “For example, if the EU decides it, too, is going to fully ban Russian oil, that will create an upward pressure on prices. If China does open up sooner than is predicted, that, too, will — listen, far be it for me to say any firm date, I can just say what experts are projecting.”

“We know this is going to be a tough summer because the driving season just started and there will be continued upward pull on demand,” Granholm lamented.

Whether it’s inflation or gas prices, the Biden regime has always been falsely claiming that relief is just around the corner.

The prediction of $4.27 a gallon could be yet another overly optimistic pipedream as prices continue to skyrocket.

Even that potentially rosy prediction is an admission of total defeat by the Biden regime.

Granholm is admitting that $4 a gallon is the new normal for drivers for the foreseeable future.

Sky high gas prices heading into Election Day in the fall is a recipe for disaster for Congressional Democrats clinging to slim majorities.

With high gas prices here to stay, Democrats are on pace for a drubbing in the Midterm elections.

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