Joe Biden waved the white flag of surrender when he made this stunning move

Joe Biden’s regime is turning into an historic disaster.

Even he can’t defend some of his blunders.

And Joe Biden waved the white flag of surrender when he made this stunning move.

Joe Biden’s brief time in the White House has been defined by his self-inflicted blunders.

One of Biden’s biggest blunders is the border crisis.

After running on an open borders agenda, Biden spent the first day of his Presidency reversing President Trump’s successful border policies like construction of the wall.

And with the border wide open, there’s been record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens flooding across on a daily basis.

After doing everything he could to stick his head in the sand on the issue, Joe Biden has been forced to take notice.

Poll after poll shows that not only do the American people blame Biden for the crisis, but the illegal immigration is also one of the top political issues for voters heading into next year’s elections.

And now, the Department of Homeland Security is making a surprising move by restarting construction on sections of the border wall.

The construction to close off unfinished portions of the wall and add missing gates will take place in Texas, Arizona, and California.

Unfortunately, no construction on new sections of the wall will take place because DHS wants “to cancel remaining border wall funding and instead fund smarter border security measures that are proven to be more effective at improving safety and security at the border.”

The construction comes after Biden railed against the border wall on the campaign trail and vowed to stop construction if elected President.

This is the latest move to get President Trump’s border wall complete.

Texas has started construction on a state-funded border wall, with several other border states also debating action.

It remains to be seen if Biden will bring back any more of Donald Trump’s successful border policies to try and save his sagging poll numbers.

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