Joe Biden went on TV and revealed Fox News agreed with him in this major fight

Fox News is the one corporate media outlet that produces critical and actual news coverage of Joe Biden.

But Biden claimed that all is not as it seems.

And Joe Biden went on TV and revealed Fox News agreed with him in this major fight.

Joe Biden has not done a single sit down interview with a reporter for a major print newspaper.

Biden’s also only done 10 TV interviews.

But Biden’s appeared for 3 CNN town hall events because Biden knows CNN will script the proceedings so Biden is never caught off guard with a question.

CNN hosted Biden for another “invitation only” – i.e. scripted – town hall event on Thursday night.

During the event, Biden pounded home his support for forcing Americans to submit to a Communist Chinese-style forced vaccination regime.

Biden returned to one of his favorite themes, claiming corporate vaccine mandates are really no big deal and have support across the political spectrum.

As evidence, Biden falsely claimed that Fox News imposed a vaccine mandate on their workforce.

“Do you realize they mandate vaccinations?” Biden asked host Anderson Cooper.

Cooper – who works for a network that claims to be “facts first” – played along with Biden and amplified the lie.

“At Fox headquarters,” Cooper responded.

“Yeah,” Biden sneered. “I find that mildly fascinating.”

Fox News Channel does not have a vaccine mandate for their employees.

Employees who are not vaccinated must wear masks, maintain social distance, and submit to regular testing.

The kind of mandate that Biden referenced – get vaccinated or lose your job – is not in place at Fox News.

But Biden regularly tells this lie about Fox News because many of the hosts oppose a vaccine mandate and Biden wants to smear them as hypocrites and liars by falsely claiming they only pretend to oppose vaccine mandates because their employer instituted one.

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