Joe Biden will be furious when he sees the massive mistake that Kamala Harris just made

Many Democrats think it is time for Joe Biden to ditch Kamala Harris.

Harris keeps stepping on one political landmine after another.

And now Joe Biden will be furious when he sees the massive mistake that Kamala Harris just made.

Joe Biden’s pledge to “shut down the virus” turned out to be one of the most disastrous campaign promises in modern history.

Case levels set records and the vaccines were proven ineffective in slowing the transmission of the virus.

Biden’s mask and vaccine mandate strategy proved to be a miserable failure.

With Biden’s poll numbers plummeting after Virginia voters rebuked Democrats in the off-year elections by rejecting pro-mandate and lockdown candidates, Joe Biden’s allies stepped in for a rescue mission.

Six of Biden’s former health advisors published an op-ed imploring Biden to drop his mass testing, mandate, and shutdown strategy, and to instead treat COVID as a seasonal endemic virus much like the flu.

But in an interview on PBS, Vice President Kamala Harris rejected that idea and doubled down on the idea that the Biden administration can shut down the virus.

“We know that the approach, in terms of vaccines, boosters, and masks, works. So, I don’t think that that’s what we’re discussing right now. But let’s also talk about, to your point, where we are today versus a year ago. Today, the vast majority of schools are open. Today, we have a vaccine that the majority of Americans have actually received. Boosters, we are seeing great progress with that. People are wearing their masks. So, we have seen progress. We are seeing businesses reopen. And I think it’s important for us to see at this moment we’re still — it is extremely frustrating, there’s no question, for all of us. But we also must acknowledge that there has been progress and that that is the trajectory. But there are still steps to go. We still have work to do. And, in particular, around the vaccines and masks, we want to make sure that everyone is taking advantage of all the tools that we do have available to us right now,” Harris stated.

As long as the Biden administration clings to the idea of “COVID zero” – the notion public health measures can eliminate the virus – Democrats will likely continue to pay a political price.

Americans have had enough of the mandates.

They’re ready for a return to normalcy.

And the Biden administration doubling down on its failed COVID strategy could lead to a bloodbath at the polls for Democrats in November.

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